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We’ve known about the Samus decoy in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and now GameXplain has given us another look. Check it out below.

Nintendo has prepared a brief new trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force focusing on co-op. View it below.

Another round of Metroid Prime: Federation Force footage is in from GameXplain. Get a look at Mission 6 below.

More footage is in from the final build of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. View a few minutes of gameplay from Arekkz Gaming below.

GameXplain has new footage up from Metroid Prime: Federation Force showing Mission 12. Check it out below.

This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s video, Kit and Krysta are joined by a couple of guests to play Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Check out the full Nintendo Minute below.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force was mainly designed as a single-player experience. But you can acquire a helpful mod along the way, making play easier.

Only in single-player, it’s possible to obtain the Lone Wolf “mod”. This not only doubles the damage dealt, though also halves the damage from enemies. Metroid Prime: Federation Force also lets you fill out your party with flying attack drones. Three can be brought along when playing alone.

Kotaku has also given us a look at two different control configurations in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The first can only be used by those with a regular 3DS, while the second is another option for New 3DS owners.



GameXplain has just released the opening story cutscene for Metroid Prime: Federation Force on their YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

Nintendo has prepared a short trailer to highlight the story in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Watch it below.

This coming Friday (August 12), select GameStop locations will be hosting a Metroid Prime: Federation Force demo event. Fans can stop by stores between 4 PM and 7 PM local time to try out the game before launch. Nintendo says you’ll be able to play with up to four others in various co-op missions.

Head past the break for the lineup of participating GameStops. Metroid Prime: Federation Force arrives on August 19.

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