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Next Level Games

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is arriving for Switch at the perfect time. Nintendo and Next Level Games will have it ready to go on October 31, just in time for Halloween scares.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 still has a few weeks to go until launch, but the North American website is now open. You can access it here. We’ve rounded up a bunch of clips that are included there into a single video, which we have below.

Nintendo opened the official Japanese website for Luigi’s Mansion 3 today, which contains a bunch of different gameplay clips. We’ve compiled the full set into a single video below.

Nintendo has gone live with the latest “Switch My Way” commercial, this time featuring Luigi’s Mansion 3. We have the advert below.

During Piston Hondo’s rematch fight in Punch-Out!! on Wii, the character is shown reading manga. While it can’t be seen very well, believe it or not, early copies of the game actually included images from Sailor Moon. That seemingly innocent Easter egg apparently resulted in a messy situation for developer Next Level Games and Nintendo.

Shesez, known for his Boundary Break YouTube series, mentions that the game’s art director ultimately signed off on the idea despite initial reservations. Because of its release also being so close, the Sailor Moon Easter egg was left in. Removing it may have caused a delay.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 received its official Switch eShop page yesterday, allowing fans to pre-load the game. Tucked away inside the description is an interesting note about DLC.

While no specifics have been provided, paid DLC is now confirmed. Nintendo and Next Level Games are planning more content for the ScareScraper and Scream Park modes.

ScareScraper has players racing the timer to clear various objectives on a series of floors. Meanwhile, the ScreamPark party mode involves two to eight players battling against each other as a Luigi team and a Gooigi team while competing to see who can defeat the most ghosts, collect the most coins, or break the most targets.

Source: Switch eShop

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is now available to pre-order from the Switch eShop. If you’re interested in the digital version, you’ll need 6.3GB of free space.

There’s also a special offer in store for My Nintendo members. By pre-loading, you can earn double the Gold Points, meaning 600 in total.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches for Switch on October 31.

Source: Switch eShop

GameXplain has shared some footage of a boss fight from Luigi’s Mansion 3 – specifically in Garden Suites. Have a look at the gameplay below.

Nintendo has revealed some new information about Luigi’s Mansion 3, including:

New floors

– Tomb Suites
– The Dance Hall
– The Spectral Catch

Scream Park

– Luigi and Gooigi teams
– 2-8 players can battle it out to defeat the most ghosts, collect the most coins, break the most targets

GameXplain has recorded some new Luigi’s Mansion 3 footage out of PAX West 2019. Have a look at the gameplay below.

Switch doesn’t have a built-in achievements system, meaning its up to individual games to include that sort of feature. With Luigi’s Mansion 3, it appears that this is something Next Level Games is implementing.

While nothing has been said officially, achievements have been spotted in the latest build for Luigi’s Mansion 3 at PAX West 2019. One such feat involves destroying a hammer with a single tether. We should be hearing more about other achievements leading up to the game’s Halloween launch.


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