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Nobuya Nakazato

It’s been nearly a decade since the last mainline Contra game. Next week, the franchise will finally be returning with Contra: Rogue Corps. We spoke with director Nobuya Nakazato at the Tokyo Game Show and asked why it’s the right time for the series to make a comeback.

Nakazato, who has worked on Contra for over two decades, told us that he’s personally been pushing for the IP’s return. However, there were a few barriers in the way, such as getting approval and the timing was never right. Finding the right team and the resources involved also played a role.

Contra is finally returning with the series’ newest entry, Rogue Corps. The game launches on Switch and other platforms in September.

When asked why it’s the right time for Contra to come back, director Nobuya Nakazato told Metro:

Contra Anniversary Collection landed on the Switch eShop not too long ago. In addition, Konami revealed at E3 that the company is making an entirely new game in the franchise known as Contra Rogue Corps. After the announcement was made, Famitsu spoke with producer Nobuya Nakazato about why the team went with an overhead camera angle, the game’s characters, and the new characters.

We’ve prepared a translation of Famitsu’s short interview. Continue on below to read it in full.

Contra Rogue Corps will not impose any microtransactions on players, Konami has confirmed. That news comes straight from director and producer Nobuya Nakazato, who shared the news in an interview with 4Gamer.

Nakazato said the following regarding keeping microtransactions out of the game: