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New details have come in for Fire Emblem Warriors. Along with overviews of characters, there’s also news about Bond Levels and more.

First up, character details:


– A mysterious person who was rescued by Chrom when he collapsed on the wayside
– When he woke up, he already lost his memory
– He has a natural talent in tactics, and he has been assisting Chrom in various strategies as his strategist
– His class is Tactician, which is his first class in the original game
– He will fight by using a magic book


– Chrom’s sister, and also the princess of the halidom of Ylisse
– She has a bright and innocent personality suitable for her age, and she always encourages her friends
– Her first class in the original game was a Cleric which could heal allies’ HP, but in this game, she wields an axe and fights on the frontlines by herself
– Just like War Clerics in Fire Emblem Awakening, she also excels in close-range combat while being a healer

New screenshots and art for Fire Emblem Warriors, showcasing male Robin, Lucina, Lissa, and Frederick. Check out the latest images below.


Five minutes of off-screen footage has come in showing Fire Emblem Warriors’ demo at Japan Expo. Most of the gameplay consists of Lucina, but we also get a glimpse at Lissa, male Robin, and Frederick (as a boss). We’ve included the video below.

Details about these characters can be found in our previous post here.

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo prepared a new Fire Emblem Warriors trailer for Japan Expo earlier in the week. At the actual event in France, a fresh build of the game is on display with the latest characters included.

As far as the story goes, the twins live peacefully in their kingdom until a dragon attacks. When that happens, the two are forced to leave. They’ll need to ask help from heroes of other worlds in order to reclaim their kingdom.

Male Robin, Lissa, and Lucina (plus Female Corrin who we’ve already seen) are playable at Japan Expo. New details are in for each.

Here’s the rundown on Robin as relayed by FuranSuwa:

Nintendo published a brand new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors today. In it, four new characters are confirmed. Lucina, male Robin, Frederick, and Lissa are officially in the game.

“Warriors’ Awakening” is the new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors. Get a look at it below.

Earlier today, Koei Tecmo offered a first look at the special versions of Fire Emblem Warriors for Japan. Fans will be able to pick up a Premium Box and Treasure Box for the game.

The packaging for the Premium Box appears to have accidentally revealed two new characters for Fire Emblem Warriors. Sprites for male Robin and Lissa were spotted on the official packaging. Worth noting, Famitsu edited its article and removed the box from the image.

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Kotaku caught up with Intelligent Systems’ Masahiro Higuchi and Koei Tecmo’s Yosuke Hayashi for a chat about Fire Emblem Warriors at E3. The developers spoke about the hardcore mode, permadeath, how they went about choosing characters, and more. Higuchi also showed some interest in wanting to remake Famicom Wars.

Head past the break for notable comments from Higuchi and Hayashi. The full interview is on Kotaku here.

Yesterday, Digital Foundry offered an early technical analysis for Super Mario Odyssey based on the game’s E3 appearance. They’ve now done the same for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Comparing things to Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors sees an increase in resolution. The Wii U game ran at 720p while the new Switch title runs between 900p and 1080p. Digital Foundry adds that Fire Emblem Warriors features more detailed character models and more enemies on screen at once.

This information comes from Fire Emblem Warriosr producer Yosuke Hayashi…

– Game will have more than the typical eight to fourteen playable characters that are usually in Warriors games
– Chose characters that there would be a good representation of different weapon types

On permadeath…

“There’s definitely that element included in a way that makes sense for a Warriors game.”

– Content on Switch and New 3DS will be the same

“Of course, we’re talking about two different hardware, so how the game is rendered on the two different kinds of hardware – the specs might be different. In terms of the graphics, for example, the number of enemies of enemies that can appear on the screen [varies], but the gameplay is definitely the same.”


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