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Paul Raines

This past weekend, there were 462 GameStop stores that were either a PokeStop or Gym. According to CEO Paul Raines, sales were up 100 percent at these locations. Raines added that merchandise sales are up “significantly across the board.”

Here’s the full interview:


Yesterday, [a]listdaily published a new interview with GameStop CEO Paul Raines. When it came to Nintendo, Raines discussed three topics: Wii U, NX, and mobile.

Regarding Wii U, Raines said that the system “was disappointing to everybody” – Nintendo included. However, he was quick to point out that Nintendo has strong franchises.

Raines’ full comments on Wii U:

“Wii U was disappointing to everybody, including them. They made some bold bets, and maybe some of them didn’t work out. But they have a lot of creativity there. They’re a very innovative group of people, so we never count out Nintendo. Even now it’s incredible how strong some of their IP is—Pokémon, for example. We could have a Pokémon weekend this weekend at GameStop and we would break sales records just because every time they put out a new game they have a very loyal fan base. Super Mario, Zelda, all those IPs have a huge, loyal fan base.”

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