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Pete Stilwell

GameSpot recently spoke with Diablo III Eternal Collection producer Pete Stilwell and associate producer Matt Cederquist about all things Switch. The two discussed how the system’s various features make it “the next evolution”, Diablo III’s tech specs on the platform, scrapped touch controls, and more.

Stilwell first had this to say about Switch and what it brings to the table for Diablo III:

Blizzard will finally return to Nintendo consoles when Diablo III Eternal Collection makes its debut later this year. But how did the project start in any case? GameSpot posed that question to senior producer Pete Stilwell, and learned about why there was interest in bringing Diablo III to Switch.

Stilwell told the site:

Before the year is over, you’ll be able to play Diablo III on Switch. Kotaku spoke with senior producer Pete Stilwell about the port in a bit more detail earlier in the week.

Stilwell noted that bringing Diablo III to Switch went relatively smoothly, with “conversion on the graphics side” offering the greatest challenges. Nintendo did provide assistance with trouble-shooting.

Blizzard is finally returning to Nintendo consoles with Diablo III on Switch. The company does have other high-profile games, and some might be curious if they could ever make their way over as well.

GameSpot spoke with Diablo III senior producer Pete Stilwell, and first asked about Overwatch on Switch. Stilwell acknowledged that the game is technically feasible, stating:

Eurogamer has some additional information about Diablo III Eternal Collection, which was officially announced today. The latest details cover frame rate, resolution, and more.

Here’s the full roundup: