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Winter Wonderland 2019 has started up in Overwatch as the shooter’s latest event. It features the Snowball Deathmatch mode, Weekly Challenges, and new cosmetics.

Here’s a full rundown of Winter Wonderland 2019:

Nintendo has shared a new European commercial specifically focusing on Overwatch. Have a look at the advert below.

[Review] Overwatch

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System: Switch
Release date: October 15, 2019
Developer: Blizzard / Iron Galaxy Studios
Publisher: Blizzard

Overwatch took the world by storm when it released in 2016, and even now years later it has grown into a property worth billions of dollars. The Switch version sees its release in 2019 three years after its launch on PC and consoles, sporting newly featured gyro controls and the ability to make the experience portable. But as great as Overwatch is, are the sacrifices made to run on what is essentially a tablet worth it at the end of the day? Parity is key here, but Switch finds itself in a situation of the age old saying, “Just because you could, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.”

Blizzard has issued a new patch for Overwatch on Switch. Today’s update includes some bug fixes plus more.

Here are the full patch notes:

Hello, my pop stars and mirages! This week on NEP, it’s nonstop controversy. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is going to be censored in all regions, including Japan. What does that mean? What really happened? There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let us break it down for you. Same thing with Activision-Blizzard recently. Overwatch came out on the Switch this past week—did you notice? We do our best to inform you on what’s going on. And we lighten things up with some heavy, chonky Pokemon announcements. Longcat Meowth is a good boy. Plus, our ideal Pokemon catching tutorial stories. We tidy things up with a chat about Xenoblade Definitive Edition thanks to our lovely listener mail.

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Overwatch first arrived in 2016, though it has just now landed on Switch. Director Jeff Kaplan explained why it took some time for Blizzard to release its game on the platform in an interview with Ars Technica.

Blizzard’s Wes Yanagi reconfirmed that Overwatch for Switch first came to be a year ago, around the time that Diablo III came to the system. Kaplan said that the team was initially a bit reluctant to move ahead with porting Overwatch since they knew it wouldn’t look just how it does on PC, but eventually got past that hurdle and realized that it’s not all about graphics.

It took quite some time, but Overwatch finally made it to Switch this week. As is traditional for Digital Foundry, the outlet has examined the port from a technical perspective.

Here are the highlights:

After previously appearing on other platforms, the shooter Overwatch made the jump to Switch today. See how it stacks up to the PlayStation 4 version below.

Alongside the launch of Overwatch on Switch, Halloween Terror 2019 has begun. Players can look forward to new rewards as well as cosmetic unlocks from previous events, including the Legendary Demon Hunter Sombra skin.

Here’s some additional information:

Tomorrow, on October 16, there was going to be a launch event for the Switch version of Overwatch at the Nintendo NY store. Several of the voice actors from the game were going to be in attendance. Today, Nintendo NY announced that the launch event has been cancelled by Blizzard. No reason was given, but it seems likely that it’s due to the recent controversy involving Blizzard and its stance on the current political situation in Hong Kong.