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Pokemon 25: The Album

Another music video has been released for Pokemon 25: The Album, this one for a song by Yaffle (feat. Sorane & Yama) called Grown. This one doesn’t actually include any CG Pokemon in the music video, just some Pokemon merch featured throughout.

A new song has been released from the upcoming Pokemon 25: The Album, this one entitled Ten Cuidado (Pokémon 25 Version). This is by the artist J. Balvin, and it has been released alongside a music video featuring the artist and various Pokemon in the city. 

This track and official music video can be watched in its entirety below.

The full Pokemon 25: The Album is scheduled to release tomorrow, October 15, 2021. The full track list is included below.

Another song has been released from the upcoming Pokemon 25 album. This song is by the artist Cyn and it is called “Wonderful.”

The song is up on all major music streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple music, etc.) and there is a visualizer video below.

Pokemon 25: The Album is planned to release this fall.

The next song featured on Pokemon 25: The Album has been released on YouTube and music streaming services. This song is “Take it Home” by Mabel and while it has no music video, there is a link to listen to the song below.

Pokemon 25: The Album releases with all of its songs on October 16, 2021.

It looks like The Pokemon Company is going big for its musical features to celebrate its 25th anniversary. They have released a song called Electric by Katy Perry that is apparently a part of an album they are creating called Pokemon 25: The Album. This song also comes with a music video that features Katy Perry and Pikachu exploring an island and signing in a lighthouse.

Check out the full song below in the official music video, and it can be streamed on all music platforms now.

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