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Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel received its latest content today in the form of the Bug Gym Cup. For a look at the cup, watch the video below.

Pokemon Duel has received a new update. The latest content addition features the Bug Gym Cup, available until July 26.

The latest cup features all Bug-type Movement 1 and 2 figures that receive an increase of 1 for movement. Fire-types get an Attack increase of 20 for each attack.

At the end of the event, players can receive trophies that will be displayed on the ranking screen. Fletchinder and Talonflame Figures are also being handed out as prizes.


The first hint for the next update coming to Pokémon Duel has just been revealed. The screenshot above shows a list of Halls you can select from the Single Player mode. It seems you will be able to pick a special mission like using all Unique figures or only figures that are UC or lower on specific stages. There will be more information about the update coming out on July 26th.


Pokemon Duel’s latest update is now live. Players should be able to download Version 3.0.12 from both Android & iOS.

The update includes balancing changes to some of the figures in the game which you can check out the changes here.


A fairly sizeable patch is hitting Pokemon Duel tomorrow, and it’ll bring with it quite a few balance updates. Here’s what’s changing:


  • Changed the effect of Still (Snorlax can’t be affected by any special conditions other than Sleep)
  • Increased the power of Body Slam to 110; can now paralyze
  • Increased the power of Pound to 70; increased wheel size
  • Decreased miss wheel size


  • Changed the effect of Flame Acceleration (adds plus 10 to the damage value for each Pokemon in your PC)


  • Increased the wheel size of Fire Blast
  • decreased the wheel size of Gust


  • Techno Charge’s effect now lasts until the next time Techno Blast is used


  • Increased the Power of Vice Grip to 50
  • Increased the wheel size of Guillotine and Seismic Toss
  • decreased miss wheel size

A big update is on the way to Pokemon Duel. It’s unclear what’s planned, but more information is due to be released on July 19. For now, we only have an image that features a large purple crystal. Expect additional news soon.


The Electric Gym Cup event is now live in Pokemon Duel. Until July 6th, 4:59 UTC, all Electric-type Movement 1 and 2 figures get an additional 1 movement. Furthermore, all Ground types get a boost of 20 to all of their attacks. Gym Boosters can contain the [EX] Electivire and [C] Elekid figures.


The newest update to Pokemon Duel is now available. The update includes balancing changes to some of the figures which you can check out the changes here.


Once again, Pokemon Duel is getting a balance tomorrow that’ll bring some changes to a couple of figures. Here’s what’s changing:


  • Changed the effect of Nonstop
  • Added an effect to Thunderous Blow
  • Changed one Bite to Thunder 110 and increased its wheel piece size
  • Increased the wheel piece size of the other Bite
  • Decreased the miss wheel size for Bite.


  • Changed the effect of Double Flight
  • Increased Dragon Rush’s power from 90 to 100 and increased its wheel piece size
  • Changed Dragon Claw to the new Fire Fang attack
  • Decreased Fire Fang’s miss wheel size


  • Added new ability: Land’s Call
  • Increased Dragon Breath’s power from 100 to 110


  • Changed Crunch 70 to the new Gyro Ball 100 attack and decreased its wheel piece size
  • Changed Explosion to the new Pull In attack, and decreased its wheel piece size
  • Changed Screech to Dig
  • Decreased Iron Tail’s power from 90 to 70


  • Changed Spark to Shock Blast 30
  • Increased wheel size for Explosion
  • Decreased wheel size for Tackle


  • Changed the effect of Plus
  • Changed Spark 20 to Nuzzle 30
  • Changed Tackle 30 to Spark 20 and increased its wheel piece size
  • Decreased Spark’s miss wheel size


  • Changed the effect of Minus
  • Changed Tackle to Nuzzle

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