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Pokemon Legends Z-A

Pokemon Legends Z-A lore

When you ask a Pokemon fan which set of games has the best story, they’ll probably say Black and White (or their sequels). You likely won’t get many fans telling you that Pokemon X and Y’s story is their favorite, and it’s easy to see why! It’s safe to say that a good chunk of X and Y’s development time was dedicated to the new 3D graphics — which meant a lower emphasis on story. That being said, X and Y does have some interesting lore that isn’t often discussed. With the recent announcement of Pokemon Legends: Z-A, we think lots of threads from X and Y are going to be fleshed out into something special. Today, we’re going over Pokemon X and Y’s lore and what kind of plot points you could expect to see in Pokemon Legends Z-A next year.

Pokemon Legends is now officially a series of its own with this week’s announcement of Pokemon Legends: Z-A. There won’t be a big new Pokemon game this year, but we know that this new one will be arriving in 2025.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which launched at the very beginning of 2022, was a new take on the RPG formula we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few decades. There was more of an action element and it was even possible to catch different creatures simply by throwing a Poke Ball as soon as you saw it, which didn’t require you to enter the battle screen. A number of different features and changes were introduced, which seemed to be well received overall.

February 2024 Pokemon Presents recap announcement

We have the official recap announcement for today’s February 2024 Pokemon Presents event. We have the full rundown on all the news, announcements, and more.

The press release can be read in full below.

Game Freak is developing Pokemon Legends Z-A for Switch, it was revealed during today’s Pokemon Presents broadcast. The game launches in 2025.

Pokemon Legends Z-A should continue the formula that was established with the 2022 title Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Also confirmed is that we’ll be going back to the sixth generation of Pokemon for X and Y with the trailer highlighting Lumiose City as the main setting and the return of Mega Evolutions. Outside of that, not much else is known as we only have a short teaser to go by.

Here’s the first trailer:

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