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Pokemon Masters

The summer event Summer Superstars is now live in Pokemon Masters and it comes with an all new story segment featuring the trainers Steven and Lyra. These trainers are also available to be scouted as sync pairs in a special seasonal scouting session (Steven with his Alolan Sandslash and Lyra with her Jigglypuff).

In addition to this story expansion, there are new event map items and lineup bonuses that are available to players. Full-force battles are also new to this event and they allow players to obtain medals from meeting special conditions.

The Summer Superstars event runs until August 16, 10:59pm PT and feel free to check out the link below for further details.


The egg event in Pokemon Masters is now live, bringing new eggs to hatch. It’s now possible to receive Bug-Type eggs and the Pokemon that can be hatched from these are: Scyther (male only), Pinsir (male only), Venonat (female only), and Weedle (male only). 

There is also a Guzma scout spotlight going on now making it easier to recruit Guzma and Golisopod.

Both of these events will last until August 2, 2020 11:59 p.m.


Pokemon Masters has dropped a large amount of information detailing an upcoming update as well as new features that are coming soon. The game is approaching its one year anniversary and much is planned for its anniversary – including an update to items, sync pairs, and the Explore menu. This includes adding type skills which will be skills that all sync pairs will have and can be activated when players have two or more Pokemon that have the same type skills in their party.

A producer letter has also been released and it talks about the summer seasonal sync pairs, a stamina mechanic, a new egg feature and event. More Pokemon eggs are being added and players can create sync pairs with these Pokemon that hatch. The seasonal sync pair coming soonest will be Steven and Alolan Sandslash but another summer sync pair will be revealed in not too long.

A new solo event has kicked off in Pokemon Masters, Morty’s Secret Ghost Training. This event ends with a “Full Force” style battle similar to Battle Arenas, features multiple medals as rewards,  and adds a new sync pair: Morty and Drifblim. It also features a Spotlight Scout increasing the chances of scouting this new duo.

The Morty’s Secret Ghost Training solo event will be available until July 28th.


A couple of events have come to Pokemon Masters, including the Poison-Type Training Event and the Plumeria & Lucy Spotlight Scout.

The Poision-Type training event will make it much easier to strengthen Poison-Type Sync Pairs as it provides Poison Vouchers that can be exchanged for Move Candies which can strengthen sync moves substantially. This event will run until July 23, 10:59pm PT.

Also live now is the Plumeria & Lucy Spotlight Scout, an event that gives an increased chance to scout Plumeria & Lucy. This Spolight Scout also lasts until July 23, 10:59pm PT.


The second Legendary Arena event has arrived, with Cobalion being featured. Players will face off against the noble Pokemon with their sync pairs in an attempt to whittle its HP to zero. It’s health will carry over after each fight, so using multiple teams of sync pairs will be necessary to take this Pokemon down. Victory will net the player special medals and rewards, and players can enjoy the fight until July 21, at 1:59 a.m.


Players with a stash of paid currency can take advantage of two separate 5-Star Select Sync Pair Scouts. The first one will last for 48 hours where you use 300 Paid Gems to get a Scout and you can also select any 5-Star Sync Pair, while the second one lasts a week and requires 3000 Paid Gems to redeem 10 Scouts while also being able to select a single 5-Star Sync Pair. Will you be taking advantage of these scouts, and if so which Sync Pair will you be selecting?

A pair of Pokemon Masters activities have kicked off today in Pokemon Masters. Along with the new release of the Spotlight Scout that adds Serena and Fennekin, players can experience a story event and training event.

For Serena’s Dessert Party, there’s a story with Serena as she enters Pasio. It concludes with a big new Arena style battle where you take on against opponents using up to 9 Sync Pairs.

The latest update for Pokemon Masters is now live, bringing the version number to 1.11.0. Players can now enjoy raising Pokemon by hatching eggs, among other things. Check out the full patch notes with details on all the new features and fixes below:

Pokemon Masters is currently hosting a Steel-type training event. Make sure to take advantage of the event to raise the levels and power of your sync pairs. Additionally, Hoenn region’s famous Steven Stone is now the focus of a Poke Fair scout event. Players have the chance of adding Steven and his partner Metagross to their sync pairs. Will you be chasing after this sync pair? If not, which sync pairs will you be leveling in the training event?