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Pokemon Masters

The previously announced Glacia & Glalie Spotlight Scout is now live in Pokemon Masters. Until November 28, you have a higher chance of getting this new sync pair via their special Spotlight Scout.

Also until November 28, the latest Ice-Type Training Event will be available. The enemies in this event are all weak to Ice types, and you can earn a variety of rewards by clearing it. As always, there are also co-op missions available.

The next Sync Pair coming to Pokemon Masters has been revealed: Glacia & Glalie. They were initially teased via the silhouetted picture you see above, but earlier today the game’s Japanese Twitter account confirmed it by posting the video you see below, which also reveals that Glalie will Mega Evolve during the pair’s Sync Move.

In addition to the various ongoing log-in bonuses, Pokemon Masters is also giving away 60 gems to all players to celebrate the upcoming launch of Pokemon Sword & Shield next week. The gems can be claimed by logging in once between today and January 8.

Also, the developers published the third development blog, sharing some information about upcoming events and improvements coming to the game. You can read the full message here or via the in-game notice.

Pokémon Masters has used Rollout on its weekly update, introducing new Main Story Chapters that feature the Sync Pairs of Calem & Espurr and a new Pokémon for the player character, Torchic. Additionally, there is a Sync Pair Scout for Phoebe and a daily login bonus for the next 3 weeks of 50 gems a day for 14 days.


One of the complains players have with Pokemon Masters is that it’s too hard to get gems, the premium currency of the game, which developer DeNA has acknowledged. Starting today, a new log-in bonus is live: you can get 300 gems every day for up to 14 days, for a total of 4,200 gems. You have until December 1st to accumulate these log-ins.

Pokemon Masters recently added the ability to evolve Brendan’s Treecko. However, a bug prevented the sync pair story from appearing, making it impossible to evolve Treecko. This issue has now been fixed, and players can now evolve Brendan’s Treecko (and subsequently his Grovyle into Sceptile). As an apology, 600 gems have been sent out to all players.


The previously announced spotlight scout for Caitlin & Reuniclus is now available. You have an increased chance of getting that sync pair in this scout. Also live is the Caitlin story event, The Importance of Elegance. Both events will be available until November 14.

A new sync pair has been announced for Pokemon Masters: Caitlin & Reuniclus will soon be available via a Spotlight Scout. A new story event featuring them will also be available soon. We don’t have an exact date for these events yet, but based on past announcements, both should start within the next couple of days.


A new update for Pokemon Masters is now available. Version is live, featuring a couple of adjustments and bug fixes.

Below are the patch notes:

Quite a bit is going on in Pokemon Masters today. The previously announced Brendan Spotlight Scout has started, which gives you a higher chance of scouting Brendan & Treecko. The scout will be available until November 7.

The Grass-type training event is also underway now. You have until November 7 to clear the event missions and train up your Grass types.

New main story support missions have been added. These require you to clear several singleplayer and co-op missions, rewarding you with various items such as gems, coins and training machines.

Finally, new difficulty levels have been added to all training courses. The “Super Hard” difficulty is now available for the Level-Up, Strike, Tech and Support courses.