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Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters will be getting a new content update next week. This update will add chapters 22 through 24 of the main story to the game. Additionally, it seems like Valerie, the Fairy- type Gym leader from the Kalos region, will also be added to the game, although it’s not known yet if she’ll just be part of the story chapters or if she’ll be available via a Spotlight Scout as well. The update will go live on February 24 at 10 PM PT.

As a gift to all players, the new Sync Pair of Professor Oak & Mew is available to all players in Pokémon Masters. With this, almost 100 special missions have been added in order to get items to power up Professor Oak. These missions can be taken on to power up Mew for a limited time.

“The Strongest There Is” story event is also now live. This event features Steven with his partner Pokemon Metagross. Steven & Metagross are also now available through a special Spotlight Poké Fair Scout.

The Brendan & Lyra Spotlight Scout and the Grass-type Training Event are now live in Pokémon Masters. This spotlight search increases the chance of getting the Sync Pairs of either Brendan & Treecko or Lyra & Chikorita and will be available until February 25th. The grass training event will allow players to use their grass type pokemon to rake in EXP and rewards.

The Pokemon Company and DeNA previously announced that a new trainer would be joining Pokemon Masters on February 14. It’s already been strongly hinted at that the new trainer is Professor Oak, and that notion is only being reinforced by a new live-action trailer released today, which all but confirms that it’s him without actually outright stating it:

The Pokemon Company has given an official reveal and release date for the next sync pair coming to Pokemon Masters.

The new trainer will be Steven, who will have his trusty Metagross by his side. The pair is set to debut at a Spotlight Poke Fair Scout on February 13 at 10:00 PM PT.

Here’s the full announcement from the official Pokemon Masters Twitter account:

A new trainer has been announced for Pokemon Masters. The new arrival will make landfall on Feb. 14th. If the logo is any indication, it could be that our new person is Professor Oak, which would make the second professor to join the Pokemon Masters roster as a sync pair. What are your thoughts on this new arrival?

The next Legendary Event for Pokémon Masters is now live. This event is the “The Dragon That Rules the Sky” and features a short story featuring Solgaleo and introduces the Sync Pair of Zinnia & Rayquaza. In addition to this, a new Sync Pair Scout has opened up. Until February 13th at 05:59 UTC, the Kukui Spotlight Scout will be running which introduces the Sync Pair of Kukui & Lycanroc.

Thanks to Serebii  for the translation.

The next new sync pair coming to Pokemon Masters has been announced. Professor Kukui & Lycanroc will be available via a Spotlight Scout soon. No exact date has been announced, but it should start within the next couple of days. Here’s a look at their sync move:

A new update has rolled out for Pokemon Masters, bringing with it a small list of adjustments and fixes. The update itself clocks in at 31MB, with a 281MB download of additional data when launching the title. The changes this time are as follows:

  • Canceled reset of team stats whenever an opposing sync pair uses a sync move.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of EX Challenges.
  • Changed the marking style for supercourses that have been completed at least once but still have replays remaining.
  • Completed other minor game improvements and bug fixes.

An update for Pokemon Masters is arriving for all platforms. While there are no large additions of note, you can see the single patch note below:

  • Bug fixes and improvements implemented.