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Pokemon Masters

Hello my lovely left and right Joy-con! Are you stable or are you drifting? In this NEP, we talk logical about the hardware problems that are on the tip of everyone’s tongues to kick things off. We then hit you with fast paced news and some unintentionally analytical chats about games reviews and journalism. Then we cover Pokemon Masters, but we’re both kinda burnt out on Pokemon mobile efforts… But we have plenty of energy as we chew through all our lovely listener mails and tell the abridged story of when Oni met Galen. We hope you enjoy!

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Pokemon Masters does have some multiplayer thanks to co-op, but PvP isn’t included. That means competing against other players isn’t possible.

Explaining the decision, DeNA director of product marketing Derrick Kuan said that the team wants Pokemon Masters to be more “amateur friendly,” and emphasize teamwork. Producer Yu Sasaki also chimed in with the following:

USGamer recently went hands-on with Pokemon Masters and spoke with DeNA director of product marketing Derrick Kuan. According to Kuan, trainers from Pokemon Sword/Shield won’t be in Pokemon Masters – at least not immediately.

DeNA has confirmed that limited time events are planned for Pokemon Masters. These will happen on a regular basis, the company says.

In Pokemon Masters, alternate trainers will be included in the form of Sygma Suit trainers. As one example, there’s a Sygma Suit Brock with a Pokemon other than Onix. Unfortunately, producer Yu Sasaki won’t say how many Sygma Suit alternate trainers there will be in total, but noted that it “is going to be an exciting feature for the game.”


A ton of new information has come out for Pokemon Masters tonight, including confirmation that the game will launch on IOS and Android come August 29th — and pre-registration is now available on both platforms.

According to DeNA, the game will be free-to-start and will include language options for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. 

In addition, a “preview” version of the game has been confirmed for both Singapore and Canada — with the former coming July 25th and the other simply “coming soon”. This version will allow limited access to the game, yet save data can be carried over to the full version.

Finally, DeNA has supplied a new series of trailer for the game, with six new videos. They can all be viewed below.

If you watched one of the early Pokemon Masters trailers, you might have seen some mysterious characters in masks. This group has since been revealed to be Team Break. According to The Pokemon Company, they are known to steal Pokemon.

Pokemon Masters launches this summer on iOS and Android.

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The Pokemon Company has issued a fresh set of details about Pokemon Masters, along with a new trailer. The update covers cooperative play, the Pokemon Masters League, and more.

Here’s the full roundup:

The Pokemon Company has passed along some screenshots and art from its upcoming mobile game Pokemon Masters. Get a look at the images below.

Pokemon Masters is due out on mobile devices this summer.

Pokemon Masters held its brief presentation today that shared more information about the game. We have an announcement recapping all of the news for the mobile title below.

It’s been announced that Pokemon Masters will be getting its own dedicated presentation this Thursday. The broadcast will last eight minutes and will be sharing the latest news about the mobile game.

You can expect the stream to go live at the following times:

Hello my HMs & TMs! It’s bonus time on NEP- you get a double length episode! Oni and Galen kick things off by discussing Nights of Azure 2 on Switch, Smash Ultimate’s Labo VR update and the weird amiibo implementation along with it. The gang then covers more details on Super Mario Maker 2 including the bizarre lack of playing with friends online, the Nintendo Switch Online Vouchers for discount digital games, and how Nintendo games in general hold their value. Oni and Galen then go through all the awesome announcements from the Pokemon Press Conference this week, and muse on the potential of Pokemon Home, in particular. By this time, Oni starts to become weak with hunger and all reasoning goes out the window… Check below the break for more details!

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