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Pokemon Masters

Players of Pokemon Masters can now take advantage of the water-type training event. The event will run until June 18th, and players can earn a variety of rewards to increase the power of their sync pairs. There are several stages to complete, so be sure to conquer them all.

Additionally, the Daily Vouchers event is still going strong — players can continue to earn rewards based on the amount of vouchers they collect.

A new update for Pokemon Masters has been released (version 1.10.0) and is about 36.5MB to download. This update brings minor fixes to bugs found in the previous build as well as adding a small feature where you can go directly to Events or the Sync Pair Scout from the News page. 

The full patch notes are included below:

Pokemon Master’s producer Yu Sasaki has released a new letter (#10) which gives details on upcoming events as well as explaining the use of recently updated features.

First, he talks about the new Tactics feature and how to optimize your team. But then he gets right into the new content, detailing the new Legendary Arena battles and how the opponents in these battles will work. The opponents in the Legendary Arena will have high HP and the attack patterns of these Pokemon will change when their HP is decreased- meaning that switching Sync Pairs will be very important for this battle. It appears that Entei will be the first Pokemon added to the arena.

Then Sasaki talks about the plans to improve existing features like reorganizing battles that reward items, reducing time spent battling for items, and setting a maximum number of playable battles per day. The full text of this letter is available in the source below to anyone who would like to know more specifics about these features.


Special thanks to Serebii for the translation of today’s new events, which you can see after the break:

A new update for Pokemon Masters has been released (version 1.9) and it brings a long awaited feature – the ability to hatch eggs.

Eggs hatch after completing a series of battles in different areas and they hatch into Sync Pairs.  It is then possible to raise the power of the Pokemon that hatch from the eggs with an item called a Berry Tart (which will be added in a future update). Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are currently available to hatch from eggs, although more Pokemon will be added later. Each require 5 completed battles in order to hatch. 

Other additions include a Daily Scout which you can use to obtain daily Sync Pairs/items at no cost and a feature that allows you to change the order that enemies will target your team members. 



The Physic-type training event is live in Pokemon Masters, lasting until May 4th. This event brings back the Sync-Pair of Caitlin & Reuniclus and adds a Co-Op Battle Rally that will hand out 100 Co-Op Sync orbs every day. 

Feel free to check out the source below for more information (Japanese language).


The producer of Pokemon Masters has posted a letter to the official website detailing what is coming next in the mobile game. These highlights include new content coming in April in May:

  • There will be an ability to select eggs of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander to develop as a Sync Pair with your main character.
    • More eggs of  Scyther, Meowth and Tauros are planned for a later date.
  • A new Legendary event will feature Ho-Oh and will offer new ways to earn in-game currency.
  • Sync Orbs will be adjusted in late April, in both Single and Co-Op battles.
  • A Legendary Arena will be detailed in mid-May.

That pretty much wraps up the highlights, but feel free to check out the source below for more details. 


New events are available for players of Pokemon Masters. See the list below:

  • Clemont & Heliolisk charge into the Spotlight Scout today, and will be available until April 28th.
  • A new difficulty level is now available for the Main Story (Hard Mode.)
  • A new type of Event is now live: the Flying-Types Incoming! Solo Event. This will be available until April 28th.
  • While the Flying-Types Incoming! Solo Event is running, a set of Special Missions is available for you to tackle.
  • A new set of Daily Log-in Bonuses is now live: Main Story Support Rally. It allows you to get various goodies, including Gems, Level-Up Manuals, and more until April 30th.
  • While the Main Story Support Rally is ongoing, a set of Special Bingo Missions is available for you to tackle.


Pokemon Masters has just dropped its newest update – entitled “The Beast that Devours the Sun.” This event brings the legendary Sync Pair of your main character & Solgaleo as well as new story missions/items to complement them. Players must advance through all of these missions in order to unlock Solgaleo and this event is live until April 24th at 06:00 UTC. 

In addition, a new bug-type event has went live, this event boosting the leveling up of certain sync pairs. Included in this is the sync pair of Viola & Surskit for an extended time. 


The Battle Villa has been reset as of today. With this rotation, new battles can be won with different opposing teams. Rewards from the previous rotation can be claimed by entering the Battle Villa, so be sure to check it out if you participated before. This rotation should be set until April 15th. If you haven’t participated in Battle Villa before, be mindful that you must clear the main story’s Chapter 7 beforehand.