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Pokemon Ultra Sun

The first global mission for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon has drawn to a close. Unfortunately, it didn’t go entirely well. The mission ended up as a failure.

Players were tasked with catching 10,000,000 Pokemon by November 28. When all was said and done, only 5,442,088 were captured.

While the mission wasn’t a success, players will be given a consolation prize. 1,000 Festival Coins (2,000 if you have a Pokemon Global Link account) will be handed out to those who participated.


Nintendo has posted a new video highlighting the accolades Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon have received. View the video below.

We have another round of data for the debut sales of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon in Japan. This time around, Dengeki has an update.

Sales between the two versions of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon stack up very similarly. According to Dengeki, Ultra Sun sold 340,394 units. Ultra Moon moved 338,618 copies. As you can see, the split is extremely small. The double pack sold another 250,000 copies by the way.

Dengeki also has a specific sell-through number for the 3DS games. The site’s data has Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon selling through 70% of their initial shipment.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon went on sale in Japan last week. Following the initial news about their sales, Media Create provides new information about how the two games performed.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon sold a combined total of about 1,163,000 copies (with counting the double pack as two copies). They sold about 60% of Sun and Moon (which sold about 1,893,000 units in their first week).

Finding shiny Pokemon in past games hasn’t been an easy task. Usually the odds are 1 in 4,000 of encountering such a Pokemon. But with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it seems that it’s easier than ever to find shiny Pokemon.

Want to try finding such a Pokemon in the new 3DS games? Kotaku recommends doing the following:

It’s been over two years since late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passed away. The loss is something that many haven’t forgotten, including Pokemon developer Game Freak.

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, the games pay tribute to Iwata. We won’t go into the details for those who want to experience it for themselves, but we have a look at the tribute below.

Famitsu has reported the first sales data for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. The outlet offers insight into their performance in Japan.

During a three-day span, specifically between November 17 and November 19, the latest Pokemon games collectively sold 1,199,814 copies. This includes download cards and the double pack, but not eShop sales.

3DS sales also increased last week. Sales for the system rose from 18,687 units to 40,582 units.


Following up on the European video from earlier today, a North American launch trailer has been posted for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Watch it below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are finally out today, and to celebrate the occasion, Nintendo has put together a launch trailer which gives a nice overview of all that’s new:

The very first Global Mission for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has begun, all everyone will have to do is catch a measly 10,000,000 Pokemon by November 28th, as mentioned in our previous article. If the goal is reached then 2,000 Festival Coins will be awarded to players and even without reaching the goal there is a 1,000 Festival Coins participation award.