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Private Division

Digital Foundry has taken a closer look at the new Switch version for The Outer Worlds. Unfortunately, the results are ultimately a bit disappointing due to the game’s performance and sacrifices required to get the experience running on Nintendo’s console.

Here’s a look at the main points:

A few videos have surfaced showing how the Switch version of The Outer Worlds compares to other platforms – namely Xbox One and PC. We’ve included them below.

The Outer Worlds, Private Division and Obsidian’s sci-fi RPG, will finally be appearing on Switch as of this week. We have a good look at the game with some of the first footage on Nintendo’s console below.

The Outer Worlds launches physically and digitally for Switch on June 5. Note that the physical version will have a day-one patch, though the digital version is patched automatically. We recorded our footage based on the digital version, which already has that update installed.

Switch is about to receive another big game with the arrival of The Outer Worlds. The RPG comes from Obsidian, the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and more.

Ahead of the Switch launch, we caught up with co-director Tim Cain and production director Eric DeMilt. We spoke about the Switch port, including the challenges involved. There’s also talk here for those that have already experienced The Outer Worlds, as Cain spoke about how the project changed since its early development, what it was like making a compact RPG, and more.

Here’s our full interview:

The Outer Worlds will make use of optional gyro controls, Obsidian has confirmed to Nintendo Everything.

Production director Eric DeMilt told us that much time was spent on “tuning controls to help with playability on the Switch.” The team “tuned sensitivity, exposed some inputs to users in the settings menu, tweaked and iterated aim assist values and added support for gyro aiming, and sticky targeting.”

Private Division and Obsidian have passed along a few new screenshots for The Outer Worlds on Switch. The full set of images can be found in the gallery below.

The Outer Worlds launches for Switch on June 5.

Originally, The Outer Worlds was expected on Switch this month. Unfortunately, due to the situation surrounding the coronavirus, the game was delayed.

Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment have now set a new release date for the game. Expect to see The Outer Worlds both physically and digitally on June 5.

Here’s some information about a day one patch:

The Outer Worlds, which was recently just given a March 6 release date on Switch, has been delayed. Publisher Private Division explained that Virtuos has been impacted by the coronavirus, so the extra time will allow the team to wrap up the port.

In other news, the retail version of The Outer Worlds will now actually come on a cartridge. It was originally planned to be offered as a download code.

Private Division said in a statement:

We are quickly approaching the release date of the Nintendo Switch version of The Outer Worlds on March 6. However, so far we haven’t actually seen any footage of the Switch version yet. Today, Nintendo UK updated their page on the game and actually released three screenshots which (presumably) show the Switch version:


Publisher Private Division and developers Obsidian Entertainment and Virtuos today announced the release date for The Outer Worlds on Switch. The single-player sci-fi RPG will be available on March 6.

The Outer Worlds will be sold on the eShop as well as in stores. However, the retail edition will not include a physical game card and only comes with a digital download code.

Here’s an overview of The Outer Worlds, along with a trailer: