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Project Giant Robot

During the latest Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Project Guard became Star Fox Guard. This was a title that originally debuted at E3 2014 alongside Project Giant Robot. Some may be curious about that game’s status.

In an interview with TIME, Shigeru Miyamoto indicated that Project Giant Robot hasn’t materialized into a full experience. He told the publication:

“‘Project Giant Robot’ was something we started as a second project, and unfortunately we haven’t yet decided to turn that into a full game.”

Will we eventually see Project Giant Robot become its own thing? Or will it remain as only a temporary E3 demo? Only time will tell!


– Customize your robot on the GamePad
– Choose a headpiece, body, and legs
– Alter length, width, and depth
– Can make a big-headed creation, but you’ll fall down quickly, etc.
– Play through 4 stages after making your robot
– Fight randomly generated robots
– Move forward by holding the R button
– Back up with the L button
– Punch by moving the left/right sticks
– This is the primary means of attack
– Give punches momentum by moving the GamePad
– Need to knock down the other robots in the stage before you fall down
– This is done by punching them and using the environment to drag them to the ground


Along with its leaked article regarding Star Fox Wii U, Project Giant Robot, and Project Guard, TIME also put up an interview with all three projects (before pulling it soon after). If interested, you can find the full talk below.

TIME has outed the existence of three Nintendo games coming from Shigeru Miyamoto ahead of the company’s Digital Event today.

The first, and arguably the biggest, is Star Fox for Wii U. This is said to be “at least a year away.”

There’s also Project Giant Robot and Project Guard. Both “are still considered experimental at this point”.

Check out the following from TIME’s report: