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Rainy Frog

As previously mentioned, Pixel Paint is making its way to the 3DS eShop tomorrow. View some off-screen footage below.

Pixel Paint will be out on the 3DS eShop tomorrow in both North America and Europe. In case you’re curious, the tool will only take up 365 blocks. That amounts to 45.625MB.


As is the case in Europe, Pixel Paint is confirmed for the North American 3DS eShop next week. The title will arrive on August 25 for $3.99.

Originally released for Wii U in October 2014, this new version has been converted for Nintendo’s portable. Here’s a brief overview:

“Pixel Paint is an easily-to-use painting package that let’s players draw retro-style graphics from the classic days of video games. Using the stylus players can paint pixel-by-pixel making
it easy to create pixel artwork seen in many indie games these days.”

New features for 3DS include a shape tool to draw circles, triangles, squares and lines, the ability to export images to an SD card as a .JPG file, and Easer.

Just like on Wii U, Pixel Paint will support the ability to upload and share drawings on Miiverse.

Source: Rainy Frog PR

A pair of titles have been confirmed for release in Europe next week.

First, just like North America, Armikrog is due out for Wii U on August 23. Pricing is set at €9.99.

On 3DS, Pixel Paint is slated for August 25 for €3,99. This was previously made available on Wii U.

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Rainy Frog formed back in September with two primary goals. First, the company will be assisting others in bringing their western eShop titles to Japan. Rainy Frog also intends to release Japanese games overseas.

The publisher is starting its efforts with the Japanese launch of Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party, which will be renamed “Waiwai! Minna De Challenge”. Whereas the Wii U eShop title was primarily aimed at adults in the west, founder Anthony Byus tells Nintendo Life that the Japanese release will be made “more appealing to the family-orientated Japanese Wii U market”.