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Rising Star Games

Poncho footage

Posted on 7 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in Videos, Wii U eShop | 0 comments

Poncho saw its initial launch on platforms like Steam a few days ago. While we’re still waiting on the Wii U eShop release, we can at least see what the final product looks like in the video below.

With Poncho hitting a few platforms today, the game’s full launch trailer has come online. You can view it below.

As Poncho closes in on its launch, a new trailer for the game has gone live. We’ve posted it below.

If a listing on Nintendo’s website is accurate, Poncho is due out on the North American Wii U eShop this coming Thursday. A September release window has already been confirmed, so this date may very well stick. We’ll let you know if anything changes with the game’s launch.


Poncho footage

Posted on 7 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in Videos, Wii U eShop | 0 comments

Thanks to a video posted by GameSpot, we have a new look at the Wii U eShop game Poncho. Check out the footage below.

Rising Star Games published Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward in Europe, so the common thinking was that the company would be heading the European release of Zero Escape 3 as well. However, that won’t be happening.

Rising Star Games wrote on its Twitter account today that it is “no longer involved in discussions to publish the title.” However, 3DS owners can still look forward to other announcements in the future.

The full roundup of tweets are below.


Today, Rising Star Games announced that Poncho will be coming to Wii U in September. That release month applies to all major territories.

We also have a handful of new screenshots from Poncho. Those can be viewed in the gallery below.

Source: Rising Star Games PR

Poncho is making its way to Wii U, courtesy of Delve Interactive and Rising Star Games. A trailer can be found above.

Originally announced last year, Poncho is a new open-world, 2D platformer. Here’s an official overview:

Humanity has been extinct for centuries, leaving their robotic creations behind to fend for themselves. These robots have formed tribes and communities of their own, trying to make a way of life without purpose now their masters are gone.

On your journey, you will have to make some hard choices and ultimately decide the fate of humankind. With multiple areas and paths to explore, you’ll never be able to see everything in a single play through. Poncho is about making you feel like a kid again, exploring outside and looking under rocks to see what you find. There’s treasure in every nook and cranny in this world, and nothing is quite as it seems… There’s always more than one way to accomplish your goals.

Yesterday we mentioned that Rising Star Games will be discounting a variety of games on the 3DS eShop in celebration of the company’s tenth anniversary. The publisher has now revealed which games will be going on sale – including some titles for North America.

Here’s the full lineup:


BIT TRIP SAGA (-60%) – £7.20 / €7.99
Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi (-60%) – £11.99 / €11.99
Hometown Story (-50%) – £14.99 / €14.99
Virtue’s Last Reward (-50%) – £9.99 / €12.49
Girls’ Fashion Shoot (-60%) – £7.99 / €7.99
Beyblade: Evolution (-50%) – £9.99 / €9.99
Shifting World (-60%) – £7.20 / €7.99
Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns (-50%) – £8.99 / €9.99
Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome 2 (-75%) – £4.49 / €4.99
Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt 2 (-75%) – £4.49 / €4.99
Super Black Bass 3D (-75%) – £4.49 / €4.99

North America

North American Nintendo eShop Prices to be confirmed (up to 75%).

Nintendo 3DS/2DS

Girls’ Fashion Shoot
Beyblade: Evolution
Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome 2
Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt 2
Super Black Bass 3D

The Rising Star Games sale will go live on September 11.


Rising Star Games is planning a sale in Europe for its 3DS eShop titles as a tenth anniversary celebration.

The full sale lineup and prices are unknown at this time. However, we do know that it will take place from 14:00 (UK time) on September 11th until 23:59 (UK time) on September 24th 2014.

We should learn more about the sale when the next Nintendo Download announcement is published on Monday.


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