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River City: Tokyo Rumble

River City: Tokyo Rumble will launch in North America on September 7, Natsume announced today. The game will be offered both physically and digitally in North America.

Those who purchase River City: Tokyo Rumble from the Natsume Amazon store will receive a limited edition Kunio keychain. We have a look at that above.

As for the game itself, here’s an overview of River City: Tokyo Rumble:

River City: Tokyo Rumble follows the story of a hot-blooded high school student named Kunio and his good friends. When a nefarious gang moves into Tokyo to try to take it over, it’s up to this self-proclaimed “fighter for justice” and his buddies to make sure the streets stay safe!

Players will punch, kick, and use a variety of weapons such as soccer balls, iron knuckles, chains, and even bicycles to knock some sense into those devious gang members. Taking on jobs, leveling up abilities, and stopping for a snack or two at local food joints are just some of the action-packed mayhem players will experience. Luckily, smiles are free!

Source: Natsume PR

River City: Tokyo Rumble is a physical title in North America, but in Europe, the game is only being released digitally. And now we have a release date. According to an eShop listing, River City: Tokyo Rumble launches on September 29 for €29.99.


Natsume has prepared a handful of new screenshots from River City: Tokyo Rumble. View the full set in the gallery below.


Thanks to GameFly, we now have the boxart for River City: Tokyo Rumble. You can see what it looks like above.

Originally, River City: Tokyo Rumble was going to be digital-only. Natsume ended up opting for a “limited edition physical release” following fan feedback.


Update: Added new screenshots to the post.

Original: Natsume has sent out some new assets for River City: Tokyo Rumble detailing some of the game’s characters. Find art below, along with their descriptions.

KUNIO – Kunio seeks to take back Tokyo from the massive Lion Alliance gang. Kunio is a thug with a heart of gold who looks out for his pals and fights for justice.

RIKI – A misunderstanding with Kunio roped Riki into the fray. Riki fights for justice, but when he gets really mad, he snaps and goes berserk.

MISAKO – Misako frowns on delinquents, but makes an exception for Kunio.

SHINJI – Shinji went to school with Riki and is older, so he expects to be respected. He demands respect from his lowerclassmen, with fists if necessary!

MISUZU – Physically huge, Misuzu intimidates people and has a tough personality to match. Treat this delicate flower like a lady, or she’ll introduce you to her fists!

RANDY – Returning from River City Ransom, twins Randy and Andy make up the Double Dragons!

SABU – Gunning for revenge against Kunio, who previously humiliated the Sanwa Gang. Fans of Renegade should remember this bad guy!

TEX – Usually easygoing, until something gets him riled. Then he turns nasty! Watch out for his spin attack!

TIGER CLAW – The younger of the Double Tigers wrestling brothers!

Source: Natsume PR

Natsume sent out a few more screenshots from River City: Tokyo Rumble. We’ve rounded them up in the gallery below.


Natsume confirmed River City: Tokyo Rumble’s localization in April. Since then, the publisher has been sticking to a “Summer” release window – until recently.

Today, Natsume put out a tweet which reveals River City: Tokyo Rumble North American launch window of September. On top of that, retailers may give a clue about a specific date. Play-Asia flat-out claims that River City: Tokyo Rumble is scheduled for September 13. And interestingly enough, GameFly has the same date.

At the very least, River City: Tokyo Rumble is coming in September. September 13 could be the final date. Note that the game will be seeing a limited physical run in North America, but will be digital-only in Europe.

Natsume prepared a bunch of screenshots from River City: Tokyo Rumble following the game’s E3 appearance last week. We have them in the gallery below, along with a couple of pieces of character art and a fact sheet.

Initially, River City: Tokyo Rumble was only going to be distributed as a digital title. But while an eShop release is still planned, Natsume vice president of operations Graham Markay has now confirmed to Polygon that a limited edition physical release is in the works as well.

Markay told the site:

“[Tokyo Rumble] was going to be digital-only. You don’t have to sell to retail or try to explain or try to get the physical product placed on store shelves [with online exclusive releases]. That gives you the ability to take a few more chances.”

“When we announced [Tokyo Rumble], there was an outcry of, ‘It better be physical.’ So we’re going to do a limited edition physical release.”

River City: Tokyo Rumble is scheduled for release this year.


Another round of footage has emerged showing River City: Tokyo Rumble’s E3 demo. Have a look at the latest gameplay below.

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