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Sand Sailor Studio

The multiplayer boss-battler Bossgard has received a new batch of footage. Take a look at the gameplay in the video below.

Bossgard is due out for Switch via the eShop on July 15.

Sand Sailor Studio announced today that Bossgard, the multiplayer boss-battler, will release on Switch next week. It’ll be available on July 15 via the eShop.

Here’s an overview of Bossgard, along with a trailer:

A couple of years after it was announced for Switch, Bossgard’s release on Nintendo’s console is just around the corner. Sand Sailor Studio said in an announcement today that its boss battler is heading to the eShop in early July.

The developer has also prepared a new trailer. We have that below, along with a bunch of information about the game.

A new update has gone live for Smoke and Sacrifice on Switch today that adds new content. Curve Digital and Sand Sailor Studio have added the BACON storyline, which features “more freedom and options, including the ability to possess the gruesome creatures of the underworld with the Possession Wand; an ancient piece of technology which allows Sachi to become the very thing she’s been fighting.”

Smoke and Sacrifice can be found on the Switch eShop. Curve Digital published the title last May.


Smoke and Sacrifice is out now on the Switch eShop. Have a look at one final trailer promoting the game’s launch below.

Sand Sailor Studio has announced Bossgard, “fast-paced asymmetrical multiplayer game”. It’s coming to Switch along with a few other platforms.

We have the following overview and trailer for Bossgard:

This week, Black The Fall made it to the North American Switch eShop. Take a look at some footage below.

Black The Fall is coming to Switch. Rather than having the news revealed through an official announcement or an eShop listing, we’ve actually found out about it through the system’s news feature. The game now has a channel of its own, though no posts have been made just yet.

Black The Fall is a puzzle-platform game that released earlier this year, and some have compared it to Inside – another game planned for Switch. Square Enix published the title and supported it through its Square Enix Collective program.

We have additional details about Black The Fall below, along with a trailer.