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Shingo Kawabata

During E3 last week, GameSpot conducted an interview with some developers from Nintendo and Monolith Soft. Those staffers are as follows:

Hitoshi Yamagami – Producer, Nintendo
Genki Yakota – Director, Nintendo
Tetsuya Takahashi – Executive Director, Monolith Soft
Koh Kojima – Director, Monolith Soft
Shingo Kawabata – Producer, Monolith Soft

In the interview, GameSpot asked all of these developers about the relationship between Nintendo and Monolith, the “JRPG” term, how the Japanese market is at present, and more. Head past the break for their comments. You can also access GameSpot’s original article here.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a huge game. So much so that it nearly takes up all of the space on the Wii U disk, and the game is extremely close to the storage limit. At one point, Monolith Soft actually considered using more than one disk.

All of that information is from today’s Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter update, which was posted by producer Shingo Kawabata. His full comments are posted below.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is using up most of the space on the Wii U disk. It’s really, really close to the storage limit. (To the point that at one stage we were considering using more than one disk for the game). To enjoy playing, the enormous seamless map must load quickly (which was achieved through the hard work of our programming division), but we had help from Nintendo proper implementing a further improvement to what we had. I believe we’re going to reveal the details of that on the official page in the future, but to people considering purchasing the packaged version of the game, as one of the game’s developers, I highly recommend you make use of this improvement.

Just in case you’re wondering, Wii U disks offer 25GB of space. It makes you wonder what Xenoblade Chronicles X’s size will be!


Xenoblade Chronicles X producer producer Shingo Kawabata handled today’s Twitter update, in which he briefly talked about the game’s voice cast.

Here’s what was shared:

“I wasn’t really informed of this, but it seems we’re planning on updating the official site every week. I wonder if we’ll be all right? Then again, Nomura and the web design staff are extremely motivated, so I’m sure they’ll work hard for your sake.”

“As we present our characters, we’re also revealing the people that have lent us their voices. We’ve managed to acquire an outstanding cast, so you can look forward to hearing their work. As there was such a large amount of text, recording [the voices] took a lot of work, but the entire cast was exceptionally professional. The end result, of course, is perfection.”

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s the voice cast for Xenoblade Chronicles X:

Elma – Houko Kuwashima
Lynlee – Mariya Ise
Tatsu – Daisuke Sakaguchi
Irina – Nao Takamori
Van Damme – Tessho Genda


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