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Sidebar Games

Golf Story will release this week on Switch, according to a listing included on the European eShop. The game is currently on track for September 28.

Here’s the listing in question:

We’ll follow up with Sidebar Games to confirm the eShop’s listing accuracy, as well as confirmation regarding the North American date.

Thanks to Shonenfan for the tip.

Source: Switch eShop

The Switch news section was updated today with the addition of a new title. Sidebar Games’ upcoming release Golf Story now has a channel of its own. It teases that “rumors, speculation and sometimes news” will be delivered to fans.

We’re hoping that the news channel is another sign that Golf Story is due out very soon. Sidebar Games has only committed to a September release.

Source: Switch news

Brand new details about Golf Story are presented in the latest issue of Game Informer. The magazine covers gameplay elements and much more. For a roundup of information, continue on below.

We’ve confirmed with Sidebar Games that Golf Story will be playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The big expo kicks off on Thursday for business partners / the press, though it will be open to the public this weekend.

Sidebar Games has been very busy as of late, understandably so. The developer has been partially preoccupied with preparing Golf Story’s TGS demo as well as “some other things”. However, we were told that “there isn’t much left to do now”.

As far as a release date goes, Sidebar Games is keeping quiet on that front. The last official window we have is September. We asked about a final date, but Sidebar Games wasn’t ready to share that information with us just yet.

Golf Story caught the attention of many Switch owners when it was announced in May. But since the reveal a few months ago, we haven’t seen much from the game. That will be changing soon.

Sidebar Games confirmed on Twitter that Golf Story remains on track for the summer. We’ll also be getting more news “soonish.”

Sidebar said:


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