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Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars gains Retro Diner Style Amy costume

A small bonus was just made available in Sonic Superstars in the form of the Retro Diner Style Amy costume. Switch players can access it now.

The costume contains new apparel for Amy to wear that brings a fun retro vibe to the Northstar Islands. The costume can be equipped during character selection by choosing Amy, and after that, selecting the left or right button when playing Story Mode. Note that it’s entirely free.

Earlier in the year, a new costume featuring Shadow the Hedgehog was added to the game. We have more information here. There was also a holiday costume for Sonic – find that news here.

Sonic Superstars sales SEGA

During its latest financial results Q&A, SEGA commented on the sales performance of Sonic Superstars.

The company pointed out the strong reception among fans. However, the game “has been short of the initial forecast.” At least partially, SEGA is putting the blame on competing with other titles “in the same genre”. No games were specifically named, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Sonic Superstars did come out within just a few days of each other.

Sonic Superstars Shadow costume

January 31: As a little bonus for fans, SEGA has announced that a Shadow costume will be made available in Sonic Superstars. This will be going live on February 15, 2024.

The costume can be equipped when playing in Story Mode. SEGA should be distributing it via a free update upon release.

Sonic Superstars holiday costume how to unlock

SEGA is sharing a little bonus with Sonic Superstars players today, as the game has now made a holiday costume available which is very easy to unlock.

The outfit contains new apparel for Sonic to wear and bring cheer and joy to the Northstar Islands. To unlock the holiday costume in Sonic Superstars, choose Sonic in character selection and then press the left or right button when playing Story Mode. It’s totally free on Switch and other platforms.

Sonic Superstars sales

As part of its recent financial results briefing, SEGA Sammy Holdings president and group CEO Haruki Satomi commented on the initial sales performance of Sonic Superstars. The company stated that its new game saw “a slightly weaker start than we had anticipated”.

One interesting note from the presentation is that Sonic “sells the most is mainly November to December”, so sales could pick up. SEGA also intends to spend most of its marketing budget during “the Thanksgiving and holiday season from November onwards.”

Sonic Superstars frame rate resolution

Sonic Superstars has been around for about a month now, but Digital Foundry just published a new report on the game’s technical aspects including frame rate and resolution.

When it comes to Switch, the bottom line is that sacrifices were made to reach 60 frames per second. Even with graphical changes though, dips can happen below that mark.

[Review] Sonic Superstars

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Sonic Superstars review

System: Switch
Release date: October 17, 2023
Developer: Arzest / SEGA
Publisher: SEGA

Few video game mascots are as instantly recognizable as Sonic the Hedgehog, and even fewer have had such a turbulent career. It often feels as though SEGA doesn’t quite know what it wants to do with the character, and as a result it’s difficult to know what to expect from each new title. Sonic Superstars is now the latest outing for the blue blur, and although it hearkens back to the beloved 2D Genesis games that kickstarted the franchise, there are several modern elements thrown in to shake up the gameplay, both for better and for worse.

Sonic Superstars gameplay

Gameplay has been released specifically for the Switch version of Sonic Superstars. A half hour of footage is now available.

Here’s the official eShop description with more details about the title:

Sonic Superstars launch trailer

With Sonic Superstars launching today, SEGA has readied one last launch trailer. Quite a bit of gameplay is included here for those looking to get another look at the title.

If you need a recap as to what Sonic Superstars has to offer, check out the following overview:

Sonic Superstars DLC new game 2024

Information has seemingly come to light regarding SEGA’s plans for Sonic the Hedgehog, including DLC for Sonic Superstars and a new game entirely for 2024.

A brand and licensing presentation from SEGA of America was spotted that goes over the company’s overall plans for the franchise. Sonic Superstars, which is about to launch on Switch, will supposedly be getting DLC at some point next year. SEGA is also apparently planning a brand new Sonic game entirely for the 2024 holiday season, though the presentation doesn’t go into specifics aside from mentioning a “prologue” planned a few months before launch.

We have a look at the relevant slide below. Note that the presentation’s validity has not been confirmed – which is why we’re marking this as a rumor.

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