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Spacebase Startopia

Space station management game Spacebase Startopia arrives on Switch today. Check out some gameplay footage with the video below.

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios have provided an update on the Switch version of Spacebase Startopia. Pre-orders are now live on the eShop ahead of its launch later this month.

Following up on the release date news in August, Kalyso has readied a Switch-specific trailer for Spacebase Startopia. You can find it below, along with more information about the game.

Kalyso Media and Realmforge Studios have set a final release date for Spacebase Startopia. The management simulator will launch on September 24, the two sides confirmed today.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have readied a new “Beginners Guide” trailer for Spacebase Startopia, the upcoming space station management sim. It provides an overview of the base and highlights various activities in which alien visitors can participate once they’re aboard, including an all-night-all-day disco, space whale therapy, and a loot box lottery.

Here’s the full video:

The management simulator Spacebase Startopia today received a new trailer. Continue on below for the latest look at the management simulator.

Spacebase Startopia arrives for Switch later in 2021.

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have gone live with a gameplay walkthrough for the construction management simulation title Spacebase Startopia. Give it a look below.

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios have announced that the construction management sim Spacebase Startopia will be releasing on Switch in 2021. A more specific date will follow later on.

Here’s the latest information about the game:

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios today announced Spacebase Startopia, a game in which you’ll “manage your very own space station, maintaining the three unique deck types, accommodating eight different alien races and defending against enemy invaders while also contending with the station’s sharp-witted and sarcastic narrator AI, VAL.” It will arrive on Switch in Q3 2020.

Here’s an overview of Spacebase Startopia, along with a railer and some screenshots: