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Update: Bumped to the top. The same person has uploaded more footage from Troll and I on Switch after a hard reboot. The performance is better, fortunately. Still, it’s worrisome to hear about the various issues with the game thus far.

Original: Troll and I was put on Switch today. If you’re curious as to what the game is all about, check out some footage below. Just be aware of that game breaking bug… and what looks to be massive performance issues.

Troll and I is available on Switch today. Unfortunately, the game has a significant issue just a few minutes in, though it can be taken care of somewhat easily.

Nintendo Life came across the bug roughly 10-15 minutes in. Following a QTE sequence of sorts in which the main character slides down a hill, players defeat an enemy and look for crafting items. However, when attempting to leap over a hill to progress to the next area, an endless loading screen appears.

Troll and I is out today on Switch. Have a look at the official launch trailer for the game below.

Troll and I now has a listing on the North American Switch eShop. If you plan on purchasing the game digitally when it launches next month, you’ll need 6.3GB of free space.

The eShop listing also has a few screenshots of Troll & I. We’ve published them in the gallery below.

Source: Switch eShop

Troll and I will be available for Switch on August 15, Maximum Games has confirmed. The game had been announced for Nintendo’s console earlier this year.

The Switch version of Troll and I lets players use the Joy-Con controllers for both solo and split-screen co-op gameplay.

Here’s the latest trailer:

A patch for Troll and I will be issued on other formats with a number of improvements:

– Addition of a mini-map
– Additional checkpoints
– Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty settings
– Increased crafting speed
– New tutorials
– Additional text hints
– Increased resources for crafting and survivability
– Overall balance improvements

According to Maximum Games, the Switch version will receive these changes when it launches in August. The game will be priced at $29.99.

Source: Maximum Games PR

Troll and I’s initial launch is taking place today, so Maximum Games is coming out with a new trailer for the game. The Switch release will take place “soon”. For now, view the video below.

Troll and I boxart

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Following the Switch announcement earlier today, Maximum Games has released the boxart for Troll and I. Take a look at it above.

Troll and I is in the works for Switch, Maximum Games announced today. The game is planned for release this spring.

Troll and I is a third-person action-adventure title created by Spiral House. Here’s an overview:

“In Troll and I, players will be tasked with strategically utilizing Troll and Otto’s unique strengths to overcome the many enemies they will face in the Scandinavian backcountry – whether they be the human hunters pursuing Troll for their own greedy ends or mythical orcs known as ‘Ahky’ unleashed from the depths of the earth. Solo players can seamlessly switch between Otto and Troll in-game, using Troll’s massive size and strength to throw boulders at enemies or Otto’s speed and resourcefulness to stealthily take out a lone hunter without raising an alarm. Troll and I also supports split-screen gameplay for couch co-op, as two heads, and pairs of hands, are always better than one.

Throughout the game, players will encounter various natural resources when playing as Otto, and should make use of Otto’s keen senses and attunement to nature to track down wildlife, which can be hunted and used to heal him during battle. Otto will exploit the materials of the forest to fashion spears and other weapons that will prove crucial to the duo’s survival. Otto’s connection to his surroundings and the environment around him plays a key role in the player successfully navigating treacherous situations.”

On Switch, Troll and I can be used for single-player and split-screen co-op gameplay. Maximum Games intends to share more details about the Switch version at a later date.

You can watch a new trailer for Troll and I below.

Source: Maximum Games PR

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