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StreetPass Mii Plaza

StreetPass Mii Plaza received a big update today. There are now two new games, the addition of premium content, and the software itself was upgraded.

Kotaku looked into the different changes in StreetPass Mii Plaza following today’s update. The site shares the following:

– When you meet people’s Miis in the StreetPass plaza, you can greatly reduce time-consuming interactions
– You can take StreetPass games you’re not interested in and hide them
– You can rearrange your StreetPass icons
– You can customize the word balloons you use in your StreetPass greetings

Aside from that, if you purchase StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium, you can collect people’s birthdays, turn some Miis into VIPs so that they never get cleared from your system, and listen to StreetPass Plaza music even when your system is closed.


Update: 3DS owners in Europe have access to Satoru Shibata.

Assuming your 3DS is connected to the Internet, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime should be arriving in the StreetPass Mii Plaza – Bowser hat and all! Just make sure you have SpotPass enabled and he’ll be showing up shortly.


Update: Now live in North America as well (thanks LordDisco).

StreetPass Mii Plaza has received a 4.0 update in Europe. You’ll need to grab the update directly from the app rather than through the eShop.

Along with today’s update, users can now purchase the new StreetPass Fishing (Ultimate Angler) and StreetPass Zombies (Battleground Z) games in addition to StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium.

We’ll update this post when we confirm that the new content is live in North America.

Watch a bunch of footage from the new StreetPass Mii Plaza content below.

International StreetPass Week will begin on April 16, Nintendo has announced.

3DS owners who participate will be able to obtain a free Home Menu theme, along with a special Mii for Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata. Simply visit a Nintendo Zone location to join in on the festivities.

Full details about International StreetPass Week can be found below. The event will last through April 27.

Nintendo revealed two new games for StreetPass Mii Plaza during the latest Nintendo Direct. We now know that Good Feel worked on Battleground Z, while Prope handled Ultimate Angler.

Both developers previously created games for the StreetPass Mii Plaza. Good Feel was responsible for Mii Force and Prope was in charge of Monster Manor. Prope also has experience with fishing thanks to the Wii game Fishing Resort.

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