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Studio Fizbin

Minute of Islands

Yesterday, the puzzle-platformer Minute of Islands saw a surprise release on Switch. View some footage of the title in the video below.

Minute of Islands can be purchased on the Switch eShop. For more information and a trailer, head on over here.

Minute of Islands

Without any prior announcement from Mixtvision and Studio Fizbin, Minute of Islands has just launched on Switch. It’s up now on the eShop.

Minute of Islands was previously expected on March 18. However, it ended up receiving a last-minute delay. There was no word on a new release window at the time.

Here’s an overview of Minute of Islands, along with a trailer:

Say No! More

The one button game Say No! More has arrived on Switch, and we have a launch trailer to celebrate. Get a look at the video below.

Say No! More is out now on Switch via the eShop. Learn more about the game here.

Say No! More was originally planned for 2020 before being delayed. Thunderful and Studio Fizbin have now set a final release date, revealing that the game will launch for Switch on April 9.

Here’s the latest on Say No! More plus a new trailer:

Minute of Islands

Minute of Islands was given a March 18 release date last month, but the game is now seeing a delay. Mixtvision and Studio Fizbin are postponing the launch after discovering “some major technical issues that occurred during the last round of testing”.

Studio Fizbin director Anjin Anhut said of the decision:

Minute of Islands

Back in 2019, Mixtvision and Studio Fizbin unveiled the puzzle-platformer Minute of Islands. The two sides have now shared a follow-up announcement, today announcing that the game will be launching on March 18.

Here’s some information about Minute of Islands plus a new trailer:

Say No! More

We heard back in November that Say No! More won’t be releasing in 2020 as originally planned. Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin have now officially announced the news, and have shared a new release window of Spring 2021.

Studio Fizbin Marius Winter said of the decision:

Say No! More

The one-button narrative game Say No! More was first announced for Switch this time last year. Originally, the plan was to have it out this past summer. That window has gone by, and 2020 itself is almost over, so it comes as no surprise that the game has been pushed back to 2021.

The news comes from the game’s official Twitter account. A reason for the delay was not provided.

You can find more information about Say No! More as well as a trailer here.


Minute of Islands

Mixtvision and Studio Fizbin have prepared a new Gamescom 2020 trailer for Minute of Islands. Get a closer look at the narrative puzzle platformer below.

Say No! More

During a presentation today from Guerrilla Collective, the one-button game Say No! More was shown off with plenty of footage. Check out the recording below.

Say No! More launches on Switch is without an officially confirmed date, but we’ll let you know when the release timing is secured.

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