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Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online service terminated

Konami has announced that Super Bomberman R Online will be coming to an end later this year. On December 1, 2022 at 01:00:00 (UTC), the game’s service will be terminated. This applies to Switch as well as all other platforms.

Konami didn’t go into detail about its decision to end full support for Super Bomberman R Online. It merely said that there are “various circumstances” involved.

A new update is now available for Super Bomberman R Online adding some new gameplay content from a Nintendo 64 classic. Here are the details as translated by Perfectly Nintendo:

Super Bomberman R Online Suikoden 2

Konami is continuing support of Super Bomberman R Online, as it has just started Season 3 – complete with the Suikoden 2 Hero Bomber.

Suikoden 2 Hero Bomber can be found in the character menu from the in-game shop. His special ability, called “Twin Fang”, blasts characters and bombs in his area away with his tonfas.

Here’s some additional information about Suikoden 2 Hero Bomber in Super Bomberman R Online:

super bomberman r online castlevania soma cruz

Starting today, Super Bomberman R Online players can participate in Season 2 for Super Bomberman R Online, which features Soma Cruz from Castlevania. Simply install the latest update and you should be able to access the character via the in-game shop.

The new season will also include Event Battle, though that’ll be happening at a later date. Konami will be sharing more information about this later on.

As for Castlevania’s Soma Cruz, that’s immediately available in Super Bomberman R Online. All of the relevant information about that and Season 2 can be found below. 

Super Bomberman R Online has been downloaded over three million times, Konami has announced.

Konami is celebrating that mark with a special reward. Those who play Super Bomberman R by July 25 can receive 500 Bomber Coins.

Super Bomberman R Online is available now on the Switch eShop as a free-to-play game. It released for the console back in May.


Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online has received a new patch. Konami has now issued version

Below are the full patch notes:

Super Bomberman R Online

As Super Bomberman R Online releases on Switch today, footage of the title has started to appear. Have a look at twelve minutes of gameplay below.

Super Bomberman R Online can be accessed as a free-to-play title on the Switch eShop. For more on the game, head on over here.

Super Bomberman R Online - Fall Guys crossover

With Super Bomberman R Online just about to launch on Switch, Konami has already revealed a special collaboration for the game. Players will be able to claim an exclusive “Bean Bomber” playable character as part of a partnership with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Konami says that Bean Bomber “is able to dive around the battlefield, trying not to stumble into too many bombs as players compete against one another in the new Battle 64 online mode and more.”

Super Bomberman R Online is due out for Switch tomorrow, May 27.


Super Bomberman R Online

The recently-announced Switch version of Super Bomberman R Online is just a few days away. It will be launching as a free-to-play game on May 27, Konami has confirmed.

Outside of today’s release date news, Konami also provided information about new in-game seasons, its two-tier “Battle Pass” system, and outfit bonus. We have the full rundown below.

Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online is coming to new platforms including Switch, Konami has just revealed.

The game previously launched on Stadia, and it looks like Nintendo’s console will be getting the same experience. Although it can be played for free, Konami will be offering a $10 Premium Pack that includes 14 more characters inspired by classics like Silent Hill and Castlevania. Cross-play will be supported across various platforms.

Here’s additional information about Super Bomberman R Online, along with a trailer:

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