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Super Meat Boy Forever

Team Meat released a new Super Meat Boy Forever trailer to celebrate Summer Games Done Quick. We have the video below.

Team Meat brought the latest build of Super Meat Boy Forever to PAX East this week. For the latest look at the title, check out the gameplay video below.

Nintendo has shown a clear commitment towards indie developers since the beginning of Switch’s lifecycle. We’ve seen two dedicated indie presentations and a notable presence at PAX West to put a spotlight on some of the smaller – yet still very important – games coming to Nintendo’s console.

Many indies have expressed interest in Switch since Nintendo seems to be doing almost everything right. From the support for certain tech like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity to promoting, the company is trying its best to put indies in a position to succeed.

Off-screen footage of Unruly Heroes and Super Meat Boy Forever is in from Paris Games Week. Both videos are included below.

Team Meat stopped by Nindies@Night to talk Super Meat Boy Forever for Switch. We’ve posted the recording below.

Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to Switch, Team Meat announced during today’s Nindies Summer Showcase presentation. It’ll launch in Spring 2018.

Here’s a trailer:

The Super Meat Boy official Twitter recently just teased Super Meat Boy Forever’s logo and when asked about a Switch version Team Meat seemed to hint that it was absolutely going to happen. Check out the original Tweet and reply below.


Team Meat has been tinkering on Super Meat Boy Forever since 2014. It’s now the team’s primary project, so development is in full force.

Super Meat Boy Forever wasn’t initially targeted for consoles, but Team Meat might be expanding its horizons. The team wrote on Twitter today that its upcoming game is a possibility for Switch.

Super Meat Boy Forever was originally imagined as a game that can be played with a simple control scheme. It’s planned to have a randomly generated level structure, full story, six chapters, and twice the amount of bosses as the original. While it’s not an endless runner, an endless mode will be included with high scores and daily runs.

Super Meat Boy Forever has surely come a long way since 2014, but you can see what it looked like during early development in 2014.


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