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Syn Sophia

Fashion Dreamer Winter Update 1.2.0

Thanks to XSEED Games and Marvelous, we have details about the first major Fashion Dreamer update – dubbed the “Winter Update” and version 1.2.0.

The update includes new content, new patterns, new items, more ways to curate outfits, and a fabulous crossover with Ciào, a popular monthly girls’ manga magazine in Japan. Here’s some additional information:

Fashion Dreamer review

System: Switch
Release date: November 3, 2023
Developer: Syn Sophia
Publisher: XSEED / Marvelous

It’s a bit of surprise that it’s taken so long for a game like Fashion Dreamer to land on Switch, especially after developer Syn Sophia’s Style Savvy series of games proved that there’s an audience craving laid-back games about designing clothes. The bulk of recent releases in the genre have been microtransaction-ridden smartphone games, so there’s been some excitement among the cozy-gaming crowd that Fashion Dreamer could be a more premium alternative. It’s also a bit of a departure from its predecessors, focusing more tangibly on the clothes themselves than the culture around them. But is that enough to make Fashion Dreamer an easy recommendation for aspiring clothes designers?

Fashion Dreamer launch trailer

XSEED and Marvelous have come through with a launch trailer for Fashion Dreamer. Syn Sophia, the studio behind Style Savvy, developed the project.

Here’s some information about the fashion and communication experience:

Fashion Dreamer preview

It’s a bit mind-boggling to think about, but somehow the Switch has gone its entire lifespan so far without receiving a Style Savvy game from Nintendo, despite getting three great titles in the series on the 3DS. Fortunately for fashion fans, XSEED Games and Marvelous are bringing a spiritual successor of sorts to the platform with Fashion Dreamer, a Switch exclusive that represents something of a new approach to the genre, emphasizing freeform play and social sharing in ways that just wouldn’t have been possible during the 3DS era.

Fashion Dreamer release date

Original: Fashion Dreamer – made by Style Savvy studio Syn Sophia – now has a release date on Switch.

The Switch title is confirmed to be launching on November 3, 2023. That news has technically only been confirmed for Europe, but as XSEED and Marvelous tend to coordinate the same timing for North America, we should be seeing it around the same time stateside. Note that Japan will technically be getting the game a bit earlier, as it’s scheduled for November 3 in the region.

Fashion Dreamer

Marvelous, XSEED Games, and Style Savvy developer Syn Sophia unveiled Fashion Dreamer for Switch. This new title is set to release later in 2023.

Fashion Dreamer takes players to the virtual world of Eve, where fashion fantasies are made real and anyone can become the ultimate trendsetter. Read more about it in the following overview:

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