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Takuro Yamashita

The latest issue of MCV featured a lengthy interview with NIS America president Takuro Yamashita. Yamashita spoke about SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, the opportunities on Switch, and sales of Disgaea 5 Complete on the west.

One part of the interview in particular touched on SNK Heroines, and how Nintendo had requested to work with SNK on an exclusive basis. Yamashita also mentioned that physical copies will only be offered on Switch, with Nintendo buying many units and acting as a distributor.

In this month’s issue of MCV, NIS America president Takuro Yamashita reveals some very interesting information about Switch. Yamashita revealed a deal is in place with Nintendo on SNK, spoke about how the company’s Switch games are outselling their PS4 counterparts, and gave an update on the performance of Disgaea 5 Complete.

Yamashita first discussed SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, and revealed some details about working with Nintendo that hadn’t been known previously. Nintendo actually wanted to work with SNK on an exclusive basis, which eventually resulted in a deal. Only the Switch version will be sold physically in the west, and Nintendo will be a distributor that includes buying many units.

NIS America was present at Switch’s launch with Disgaea 5 Complete, and released Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle not too long ago. The company is also readying The Longest Five Minutes and Penny Punching Princess. Going forward, we can expect this type of support to continue.

In a recent issue of MCV, NIS America president and CEO Takuro Yamashita said that Disgaea 5 Complete “did very, very well.” He believes that “the Switch market is only going to grow and become stronger” over the next couple of years. Because of this, NIS America wants to target Switch along with the PlayStation 4 and Steam as platforms it supports.

MCV has received word from NIS America that the company will no longer be handling the release of Atlus’ titles across Europe. Additionally, going forward, Atlus won’t be distributing any NIS games in America.

NIS America MD Takuro Yamashita said in a statement:

“Around ten days ago, we terminated our alliance with Atlus in Europe and the US. Atlus became very picky about selecting the European publishing partner after it was bought by Sega. It always cherry picked its EU publishing partner based on who offered the highest minimum guarantee on a title by title basis. I noticed that it was very difficult for NIS America to establish an equal-partnership with Atlus. Atlus and its European games have contributed a lot to the expansion of NIS America in Europe. I would like to express my greatest appreciation to them for that.”

NIS America has handled several of Atlus’ titles in Europe. The lineup includes the Etrian Odyssey 3DS titles, Persona Q, nad more.

It’s tough to believe that it was so long ago, but the 3DS was released during the early part of 2011. The system is now over four years old. Having said that, some are beginning to wonder when Nintendo will retire the 3DS for its successor.

In the case of NIS America president and CEO Takuro Yamashita, he believes that the 3DS still has another two to three years to go in the west. He told MCV:

“Talking about the handheld devices in the West, PlayStation Vita and 3DS will fade out in the next two to three years. There is still a chance for Vita or 3DS games in the West. I bet you that the small publishers can benefit without having strong competition if they continue to publish games for Vita and 3DS.”