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Thief Simulator

System: Switch (eShop)
Release date: May 19, 2019
Developer: Noble Muffins
Publisher: Forever Entertainment

Its 2 AM, it’s dark, and I’m trespassing on my neighbor’s property (again). Quiet as a mouse, I delicately paw my waist until I’m met with the familiar shape of my flashlight. In the interest of decibels I apply as little pressure as I can and like magic (or torches), the room is illuminated in a divine glow. “Remarkable”, I mutter to myself. “Everything I stole three hours ago has already been replaced.” As I slowly survey the room I’m immediately drawn to the prize catch – a flat screen TV. “That’s a flat screen TV,” my internal monologue confirms. As I stand there slack jawed and aghast, I fail to take heed of my surroundings for a single crucial moment – I’ve been spotted. How could I have been this stupid? I had surveyed the house, taken note of the tenant’s routines and I was absolutely certain they wouldn’t be home until 4. None of that matters now. I gather myself momentarily before making a run for it.

Next Thursday, Thief Simulator will be arriving on the Switch eShop. Take a look at some early footage below.

Forever Entertainment has shared a new Switch trailer for Thief Simulator, which is coming soon to the eShop. You can view it below.

Forever Entertainment recently announced Thief Simulator for Switch, and has now set a release date. The game will be available via the eShop starting May 16.

Learn more about the game with the following overview:

Forever Entertainment announced today that it will be bringing Thief Simulator to Switch. A specific release window was not provided.

Here’s an overview of the game: