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Cursed to Golf update 1.0.3

Cursed to Golf has received a new update on Switch, with the game moving up to version 1.0.3.

Fixes, adjustments, and balance adjustments are included. Read the full patch notes below.

Cursed to Golf gameplay

New gameplay has emerged for Cursed to Golf. The game, a golf-like adventure, just made it to Switch this week.

For more on Cursed to Golf, check out the following overview:

Cursed to Golf trailer

Thunderful and Chuhai Labs have prepared a launch trailer for Cursed to Golf, their new golf-like adventure title. The game lands on Switch today.

We have more information about it in the following overview:

LEGO Bricktales

Publisher Thunderful and developer ClockStone are bringing LEGO Bricktales to Switch, the two sides revealed today. The game will be available in Q4 2022.

The title, which was announced earlier this year, is a puzzle-adventure game in which players explore different dioramas and help the people inhabiting them. Further information can be found below.

Cursed to Golf release date

Thunderful and Chuhai Labs have set a release date for Cursed to Golf, their golf-like adventure title. It’ll be ready to go on Switch as of August 18, 2022.

“We can’t wait for players to hit our dungeon-like course on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC this August 18th,” said Chuhai Labs’ director Liam Edwards of today’s news. “The reception to Cursed to Golf from players and media alike has been phenomenal so far and I’m really excited to see them unleashed onto our online leaderboards, good luck beating my scores!”

“If you like golf and you like being cursed, then boy do we have the game for you,” added producer Mark Lentz. “In fact, if neither of those two things are up your alley, then Cursed to Golf will still blow your mind. Believe it!”

Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue DX gameplay

Following its arrival on Switch this week, gameplay has surfaced for Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX. Nearly an hour of footage is available.

For more on Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX, check out the following overview:

Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue DX

Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX has secured a final release date on Switch. The roguelite indie firefighter will be available on June 22, publisher Thunderful and developer Dejima have announced. It was originally planned for last December, though the title was pushed back across all consoles.

For those that have been keeping up with the game, you may notice that the “DX” part of the title is new. That’s because Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue will launch on Switch as a new and improved version following its PC debut last year.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Misty Peak

Another big piece of free DLC has just arrived for Lonely Mountains: Downhill in the form of Misty Peak.

Misty Peak offers a new trail, new challenges, and new customization sets. Thunderful says players can “expect a thrilling challenge balanced by an idyllic natural setting that ticks all the boxes for picturesque pitstops, and casual exploration.”

steamworld games

Things have been a bit quiet for the SteamWorld series as SteamWorld Quest, the last entry in the franchise, debuted in 2019. However, things will begin to pick up next year.

SteamWorld Headhunter, a third-person action-adventure game, was revealed a few months ago. Apparently, this one is on track to launch in 2023.

Source of Madness gameplay

Following the release of Source of Madness on Switch this week, we now have gameplay. The footage shows off the just-released side-scrolling dark action roguelite.

For more on Source of Madness, read the following overview:

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