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Coromon delayed on Switch

Just days ahead of the game’s launch, Coromon is seeing a delay on Switch.

The monster taming RPG was previously announced for a March 31, 2022 debut. While that’s still happening on Steam, the Switch version has been pushed back to an unspecified date.

Speaking about the delay, TRAGsoft said that the team “ran into some unexpected snags when it comes to online features and cross platform multiplayer.” In order to ensure that everything is up and running properly, Coromon has been pushed back on Switch.

The full message reads:

Coromon nuzlocke

We have new information about Coromon, the upcoming modern monster taming game, thanks to publisher Freedom Games and developer TRAGsoft with the two companies sharing information about a built-in “Nuzlocke” Mode, accessibility difficulty options, cross-save, multiplayer, and more.

For the “Nuzlocke” mode, players are given a strict ruleset. This includes having only one Coromon per area that is catchable, no running from battles, no teleporting items, and after a creature faints in battle, it doesn’t wake back up.

Coromon battle system

Publisher Freedom Games and developer TRAGsoft have issued a new battle system featurette for Coromon, their modern monster taming game. Fans can learn more about the title’s battle systems, boss fights, and other mechanics.

Here’s everything you need to know about Coromon:

Coromon release date

Coromon, the modern monster taming game from publisher Freedom Games and developer TRAGsoft, now has a release date. The two sides confirmed today that it will be reaching Switch on March 31.

Coromon was confirmed for Switch last June. When the news was shared, it had a vague 2022 launch window at the time.

Read more about Coromon in the official overview below.


While it was technically announced earlier this month, Freedom! Games and TRAGsoft have shared a new trailer for the monster taming title Coromon. Watch it below.

Coromon is planned for Q1 2022. More information can be found here.


During today’s Indie Live Expo 2021 broadcast, Freedom Games and TRAGsoft revealed that the monster taming game Coromon is on the way to Switch. Fans will be able to pick up the title in 2022.

Here’s plenty of information about Coromon:

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