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Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians

With less than a day to go in its campaign, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians has been funded on Kickstarter. Total funds on the site have exceeded $600,000.

Unfortunately, with such little time remaining, the game won’t be able to reach its 3DS stretch goal. Playdek had been seeking $1.5 million in order to make a portable version for Nintendo’s system.

So what’s Unsung Story’s future on 3DS? Is there still a chance of it happening even without the 3DS stretch goal target having been met? That might just be wishful thinking on my part, but we’ll see.

Unsung Story designer Yasumi Matsuno shared another round of information about the game in a new Kickstarter update.

Matsuno wrote the following about how many hours players can expect from the game:

“The game will be composed of several episodes, each of which is like a short story. Each episode will include about four to six stages, and at launch we plan to have about five episodes in total. So based on this, there should be somewhere around twenty-five playable stages.”

Matsuno also confirmed that Unsung Story won’t feature a single main character:

“There is no main character such as Ramza (Final Fantasy Tactics) or Denam (Tactics Ogre). Players will assume control of a group of common warriors and take part in battles from episodes spanning the course of the war.”

You can find even more news from Matsuno here.


Over on Kickstarter, Playdek shared several new details for  Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians. A roundup of the latest information can be found below.

  • State of game: Got a good story basis; building the battle system right now
  • High or low fantasy? Playdek are fans of high-fantasy, but exact level of fantasy not final yet and still being decided
  • How many classes in the final game? So far six classes and six professions revealed; leaving it open for Yasumi Matsuno’s design in full game
  • Leaning toward visual character customization using equipment
  • Undecided on permadeath so far; will decide later
  • Game will include a mix of rendered and in-game cutscenes
  • First user-end tool being created is the map editor; leaving option for other user tools open; will figure it out later
  • Matsuno is reviewing fan suggestions and design ideas for the game


Bravely Default character designer Akihko Yoshida will be contributing to Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians. Yoshida will be working with Playdek and intends to produce character designs.

In a message to fans, Yoshida said:

“I’m going to be helping to create artwork for Unsung Story. I am interested in the game concept of Unsung Story and it looks very exciting. I made a decision to participate.”

You can find a ton of new details about Unsung Story shared on Kickstarter today here.


Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians will feature a story made up of “mature concepts such as greed and lust, alliances and betrayal, and intrigue and espionage” – among other elements. Better yet, the plot will stay true to Yasumi Matsuno’s previous works.

Playdek said in a recent Kickstarter update:

“We have seen some of you ask for a story that included mature concepts such as greed and lust, alliances and betrayal, and intrigue and espionage to name a few… it looks like you guys are getting exactly what you wished for from Mr. Matsuno!”

Plakdek is expected to share more information on Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians throughout the week, highlighted by a video Q&A on Thursday.

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Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians now features a lower 3DS stretch goal on Kickstarter. “We want nothing more than to give you what you want so we have moved the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS closer to the top,” Playdek wrote on the campaign’s page.

The 3DS goal has been reduced from $2.8 million to $1.5 million. It’s still a rather high amount, but at the rate Unsung Story’s Kickstarter is going, hitting that mark is entirely possible.

You can donate to Unsung Story’s Kickstarter campaign here.


Playdeck’s new project, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, could end up hitting 3DS. The game’s Kickstarter has an admittedly high $2.8 million stretch goal for Nintendo’s portable, but it’s doable with a full month of funding.

Unsung Story is a tactical RPG designed by Yasumi Matsuno. Matsuno’s previous works include Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, MadWorld, and Crimson Shroud (from Guild01).

You can check out the official Kickstarter page here. The project will need to reach $600,000 by February 14 so that it can secure funding for a PC release.

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