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A new gameplay video has emerged showing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Switch. Have a look at two minutes of footage below.

Naughty Dog originally worked on the Crash games for the PlayStation many years ago. For Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, some Easter eggs were included that paid respect to the studio.

A few different references were in the collection, such as a Naughty Dog sticker and a picture of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. Now that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is coming to Switch, it seems that these Easter eggs have been removed (and on other platforms as well).

Update: The dream is dead, for now anyway. Keymailer’s co-founder says the listing was an error.

Keymailer co-founder here. This was news to me when I saw this thread. I reached out to the management team and apparently this is, sadly, an error on our side. The game was incorrectly tagged when we imported the upcoming releases.

Apologies on behalf of the company for any disappointment on this, as a Switch owner and a fan of Crash Bandicoot, I would have been as excited to play this.

Original: Keymailer is a company that connects YouTube and Twitch content creators to games publishers and developers via review codes. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is currently listed for the Switch on Keymailer’s site. While this is likely an error, this would not be the first time the Crash Bandicoot series has appeared on Nintendo hardware, and there has been some inconsistent information whether the title would be a Sony exclusive. 


There hasn’t been too much going on with Crash Bandicoot in recent years, but that’s starting to change. Crash and Dr. Cortex will both have their own figures in Skylanders Imaginators and will be playable in the game. Additionally, a special Crash level is being created in the form of Thumpin’ Wumpa Island.

Vicarious Visions’ Jennifer O’Neal spoke about Crash’ representation in Skylanders Imaginators with Gamereactor, noting that it’s an opportunity to reintroduce the series “to a new generation of fans”. She said:

“As you know it’s the twentieth anniversary of Crash Bandicoot so what better time to reintroduce them to a new generation of fans […] I can play as Crash or Neo and my kids can create their own character and play alongside me and that’s what Skylanders is about, bringing families together, playing co-operatively and it’s really fun. Crash and Neo have their own level, it’s called the Thumpin’ Wumpa Island. There’s a lot of fun gameplay that’s really nostalgic for the player that’s played the original Crash Bandicoot games, there’s Wumpa fruit you collect, there’s crates you smash and bounce on and there’s even a really cool area in the level that’s like the old boulder chase levels.”

Wii U owners can obtain the Skylanders Imaginators Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack this holiday. It includes the Crash and Dr. Cortex figures as well as the new level.


There’s been some talk as of late about the decline of the toys-to-life business. For the most part, amiibo is still doing quite well, and LEGO Dimensions entered the scene last year. But Disney Interactive recently closed entirely – marking the end of Disney Infinity – and Skylanders hasn’t been performing quite as well as it used to.

Despite this, Activision still appears to be very much on board with toys-to-life. The company announced Skylanders Imaginators today, reaffirming its commitment to the market.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg also told TIME that the publisher believes in the potential of toys-to-life. In his remarks, he mentioned that “Skylanders is now the 11th most successful game franchise of all time after just five years.”

When asked about the situation of Disney and concerns about the toys-to-life category, Hirshberg said:

I certainly can’t comment on Disney’s business, so that’s a good question to ask them, and they’ve obviously got good reasons for making the decision they did. What I will say is, we’ve said publicly that some of our more recent games haven’t met our expectations, and yet we’re still here making games, so we obviously still believe in the potential. We created the category, and Skylanders is now the 11th most successful game franchise of all time after just five years.

Activision is using its Skylanders franchise to support the millions of families affected by autism. Through one-of-a-kind toys, Skylanders and Autism Speaks are teaming up to raise awareness for an important cause during April’s Autism Awareness Month.

These toys are blue and white to reflect Autism Speaks’ official colors. The “Power Blue” Skylanders SuperChargers feature Splat and Trigger Happy, along with their SuperCharged vehicles Splatter Splasher and Gold Rusher. The full set appears in-game as their special colors. The toys are actually on store shelves in the United States and Europe now, with Canada to follow on April 1.

Activision is also extending its plans to promote Autism Awareness Month through the following activities:

– Launching employee education and employee-donation matching programs
– In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day, employees will have the opportunity to participate in the Autism Speaks Walk on April 2 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena
– Making donations to non-profits that are making a difference in the autism community

Source: Activision PR

Activision has now released Skylanders SuperChargers, and its launch trailer is now available. View it below.

Another Skylanders SuperChargers video has appeared on YouTube showing online racing gameplay. We have it below.

Another video has come in showing Skylanders SuperChargers on Wii U. Get a look at the game’s first level below.

Thanks to Nintendo World Report, we now have the full intro for Skylanders SuperChargers on Wii U. Take a look at the video below.