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Windjammers 2

Dotemu shared a new “How to Play” trailer for Windjammers 2 today voiced by the game’s Gary Scott. Give it a look below.

Following previous delays, Windjammers 2 does not have a release window currently. Stay tuned for future updates.

Dotemu today offered up a first look at Windjammers 2’s overhauled Arcade Mode as part of a new trailer. The video also confirms the renowned Steve Miller’s return to the court.

Here’s all of the relevant information:

Windjammers 2 is experiencing another delay. After it was first planned for 2019, it was bumped to early 2020. That window went by without any sort of update, and with the year coming to an end, it’s been officially announced that the game has slipped to 2021.

Dotemu wrote in a lengthy statement today:

Thanks to IGN, we have a new look at Windjammers 2 with some footage recorded at Gamescom this week. Check out the footage below.

Publisher and developer Dotemu has provided a new trailer for Windjammers 2 in line with Gamescom 2019. It’s also now confirmed that a release is planned for early 2020.

Here’s an overview of Windjammers 2:

Dotemu just published a new trailer for Windjammers 2 that shows off first gameplay. Have a look at the video below.

Windjammers 2 was announced for Switch not too long ago. There hasn’t been too much information floating around, but a very early version was playable at PAX West 2018.

Two characters were playable in the Windjammers 2. The slow but powerful Wessel was included along with a new character who sacrifices strength for speed.