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Winning Post 9 2020

New footage is in for Winning Post 9 2020, one of Koei Tecmo’s latest Switch releases in Japan. Check out the gameplay below.

Koei Tecmo has published a new trailer for Winning Post 9 2020 today, which you can watch below. The horse racing sim is an upgraded re-release of Winning Post 9 and will be released in Japan on March 12.

Winning Post 9 2020 is an updated re-release of Winning Post 9, the popular horse racing sim. Today, Koei Tecmo released the first trailer for the game, which is set to be released on March 12 in Japan:

Earlier this week, Koei Tecmo announced Winning Post 9 2020 for Nintendo Switch, an updated version of Winning Post 9. We already knew it was launching in March 2020, but we now have a concrete date: March 12, 2020. Once again, this is the Japanese release date; a Western release is fairly unlikely. The game will cost 8,580 Yen and pre-orders will open on December 9.


Famitsu announced today that an updated version of Winning Post 9, Koei Tecmo’s horse racing simulation game, will be coming to Nintendo Switch next year. Called Winning Post 9 2020, it’ll feature several improvements and some new content. The new features are as follows (credit goes to Gematsu for the translation):

  • Revival of the marriage and descendant succession systems.
  • Improvements to bond commands (can be executed from the racehorse screen, choose what you like from several utilities, etc.).
  • No more randomness in the system of meeting new connections (you can make connections at events, and there are also bond commands that enable you to meet new connections).
  • You can establish a club.
  • Implementation of a future scenario that starts in 2021.
  • Ability to transfer save data from Winning Post 9.
  • If you have save data from Winning Post 8 on your system, you can get special bonuses.
  • Noel Himeka added as a secretary, who also has several different costumes depending on the season:

The game will be released in March 2020 in Japan. A Western release hasn’t been announced yet and seems fairly unlikely, given past precedent with this series.

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