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Xeodrifter has a chance of coming to Wii U.

On Twitter, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham showed some interest in the possibility. Watsham noted that it “could happen if the game is received well on 3DS.”

The full tweet reads:


Speaking for the first time about the game since its announcement, Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham has posted a blog entry on Xeodrifter detailing a whole heap of new information about the game. There’s a lot of new content here from soundtrack excerpts to screenshots to the game running on a 3DS. Here’s an excerpt:

In a Metroid / Castlevania kind of way, each screen you visit in the game reveals one screens worth of the map on the lower screen. This is a key element to Xeodrifter. The player is very much exploring new planets without prior knowledge of the layout. You will encounter obstacles that you cannot overcome, so it is important for the map to illustrate these locations so that you can identify them later and return to them.

In order to accomplish the correct map reveals, on a screen basis, required the levels to be carefully designed on a screen grid to ensure the game and the map synced up perfectly and revealed only what was needed on the map. If a screen that contained a pick-up was blocked by a Solar Flare door, for example, it was important to make sure the player could not enter any part of that screen and inadvertently “fill in” that screen on the map. If they did, the player would not see that portion of the map as unfinished / unvisited and be unaware of the fact that they needed to return to it later.

Check out the full entry with more screenshots, audio and more here


Renegade Kid’s newest 3DS project, “Xeodrifter”, has been revealed tonight.

Here’s what we know:

– Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham “got a bee in my bonnet to make a metroidvania game”
– Treasurenauts is still happening
– Renegade Kid not working on Cult County or the previously-announced Razor game
– Xeodrifter started out when Watsham mocked up a 2D demake of Moon Chronicles for fun
– He liked the results, but sat on the mock-up for a few months
– The idea of the 2D space game came back to him one day and he wanted to act on his interest
– This is how Xeodrifter was born
– Separate from Moon Chronicles, not related to it at all
– Xeodrifter is a separate character/story
– Renegade Kid will return to Treasurenauts once Xeodrifter is done
– Game tells the story of an interstellar drifter traveling the stars on a mission of exploration
– Players join the nomad as he embarks on the exploration of small cluster of four planets in the omega sector, after a collision with a rogue asteroid damages his warp drive
– A scan of the neighboring planets reveals a number of energy signatures on the planets that may provide the special material needed to fix his warp drive and get back to cruising through the cosmos
– Xeodrifter is intended to be a small, bite-sized experience, much like Ikachan in terms of scope
– There will be secret goodies located off the main path to keep the thorough gamers among us busy for a little longer
– Layout of the levels finished as of July 1 to provide a playthrough of the entire game from beginning to end, in rough format
– No enemies are functional yet
– The player can traverse from level to level at the moment
– The foreground layers are scaled up 200% so each pixel is larger than the default 1:1 pixel size
– The layers in background are at 100% scale
– This gives a great sense of depth and also allows the player to exist in the background without having to be scaled or redrawn to “look” smaller
– When in the background, he “is” actually smaller
– Renegade Kid is going for a NEO-NES look with the limited color usage
– Also using the NES palette to give it that familiar aesthetic


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