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Tank Troopers file size

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Tank Troopers is out now on the North American and European 3DS eShops. To download the game, 1,240 blocks of space are needed. That amounts to 150.5 MB.

Go! Go! Kokopolo, a game five years in the making, finally has an official release date. Circle Entertainment announced a date of February 23 today. Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D will cost $5.99.

Take a look at a trailer for Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D. We’ll let you know when the title has been dated for Europe.


Tank Troopers launch trailer

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With Tank Troopers launching in North America and Europe today, Nintendo has a new trailer for the game. You can view it below.

This week’s North American Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Wii U Download

Back to Bed – $9.99
Color Cubes – $1.49
Wall Ball – $1.49

Wii U Virtual Console

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber – $9.99

Urban Trial Freestyle was a success for Tate Multimedia having sold over one million companies. Now the company is back with a sequel: Urban Trial Freestyle 2.

Much like its predecessor, you’ll once again be flipping and tumbling over dozens of obstacles with motorbikes while heading to the goal. The Skate Park, Highway, Urban Parkour, Industrial, and the Suburbs are among the locations you’ll explore.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 packs in twice the amount of levels at 80 along with Stunt and Time Attack modes. A track editor is also included so that players can create their own levels and share them online. Speaking of online, it’s possible to challenge friends in the competitive timed mode.

Customization plays a role in Urban Trial Freestyle 2. Tate Multimedia is packing in customizable elements for each motorbike. New player outfits are also supported.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 hits the 3DS eShop in Q1. View the first trailer below.

Source: Tate Multimedia PR

SubaraCity trailer

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Circle Entertainment previously announced plans to bring SubaraCity to the 3DS eShop in Q4 2016. It has taken longer than expected, but the title is out now in Japan. We have a trailer below.

Dragon Sinker trailer

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In Japan, the 3DS RPG Dragon Sinker is now available on the eShop. Take a look at an official trailer for the game below.

After about a week without maintenance, Nintendo is going back to work next week. The Wii U and 3DS eShops, Wii Shopping Channel, and DSi Shop will be down for four hours on Monday / Tuesday.

The full maintenance schedule is as follows:

– 1 PM PT (February 20) – 5 PM PT (February 20)
– 4 PM ET (February 20) – 8 PM ET (February 20)
– 9 PM in the UK (February 20) – 1 AM in the UK (February 21)
– 10 PM in Europe (February 20) – 2 AM in Europe (February 21)


Wobbly Tooth has wrapped up an update for Ice Station Z. After applying version 1.2, players will have access to new weapons, locations, vehicles and passengers, and more. Improvements and bug fixes are implemented as well.

Wobbly Tooth says the update will be ready on March 1. The full patch notes and trailer can be found below.


Cursed Castilla heading to 3DS

Posted on 1 month ago by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News | 2 Comments | 0 Likes

Originally released last year, Cursed Castilla is now on the way to 3DS. Here’s a brief overview of the well-received action-platformer:

“In Cursed Castilla you become Don Ramiro in order to fight the evil invading the lands of Tolomera, following the orders of the king Alfonso VI of Castilla. The action takes place in the Kingdom of Castilla (a medieval kingdom in what is today Spain), and thus you won’t face the typical, well, ghosts and goblins: your enemies will be creatures such as mouras, oj√°ncanos and nuberus, monsters from the European folklore, legends and chivalric romances. “

Cursed Castilla was originally created with the GameMaker Engine. This is unfortunately not supported on 3DS, so Abylight implemented its own engine VEGA in order to adapt the game on Nintendo’s handheld. Abylight also says “the development team has included a few traits for the player to enjoy in this Nintendo 3DS version, such as a new coin-op mode to revive the glory of the arcade times, and an astounding stereoscopic 3D effect.”

You can expect the following features from Cursed Castilla:

– New coin-op mode
– Stereoscopic 3D effect
– Restless action through 8 game stages
– Fight against +48 types of enemies and 19 final bosses
– Find the secrets that will lead you up to 4 different engines
– Illustrated bestiary with unlockable information about the legends featured in the game
– Brag about your combat skills with 16 unlockable achievements
– Let out your battle cry with songs from the original soundtrack and the remastered audio

You can find a trailer for Cursed Castilla below.

Source: Abylight PR

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