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A week from today (give or take a few hours), we’ll finally know when the 3DS will be released and how much it’ll cost. It’s very likely that we’ll hear additional details about the system as well, such as Nintendo’s online plans for the system. While not an extremely significant tidbit, it has been confirmed today that the Big N will share all of the new 3DS information at the Makuhari Messe. Ironically, that’s the same venue where the Tokyo Game Show was held last week – of course, we know Nintendo hasn’t been a part of TGS the past several years.

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– Team Ninja head Yousuke Hayashi wasn’t told about the 3DS’ 3D when Nintendo showed him the hardware for the first time
– Hayashi believed the 3DS could handle a fighting game well
– After Hayashi learned about the 3D, he thought that aspect would make an even more amazing product
– Better to say that the game started with the desire to bring Dead or Alive to a handheld rather than make it 3D
– 3D development was a learning experience for Hayashi
– Hayashi feels that 3D is more about showing depth rather than having objects popping out of the screen: “It’s a method for showing things realistically.”
– More dynamic elements in stages (in reference to being able to run into objects, objects falling off cliffs)
– Team Ninja wants to start the Dead or Alive franchise again, Dimensions is a part of this
– Characters everyone expects will be in the game
– No release time frame yet
– Development progressing smoothly

“I’ve thought from before that there was great potential for fighting games played on a portable game machine. However, the reality was that there was no hardware that matched this. When I first saw the 3DS, I felt that with this performance, it could be done.”


Rumor: New 3DS hardware details

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Keep in mind that the details below have not been confirmed. But apparently, an anonymous source who is familiar with the 3DS has provided IGN with the information below.

– Two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs
– 133MHz GPU
– 4MBs of dedicated VRAM
– 64MBs of RAM
– 1.5GBs of flash storage
– Some variation of the ARM11 processor (ARM11 powers the Zune HD, some Android smartphones, previous iPhone/iPod touch models)
– DMP’s PICA200 GPU, which has a maximum processing speed of 200MHz, has apparently been scaled back a bit for the 3DS
– Developers have compared graphics to current-generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but on smaller/lower-resolution screens
– 1.5GBs of flash memory (DSi has 256MBs)
– Expand total drive space with an SD card


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded details

– 800 parts for your avatar
– If you equip an avatar with rare parts and take part in tag mode exchanges, the other players will get those parts as well
– Trophy system
– 30 trophies
– Need at least 20 to see the secret movie
– The secret movie is a short single event, but has important conversations according to Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura also had this to say about Kingdom Hearts 3D…

“Next is Kingdom Hearts 3D. The time frame for 3D is after Re:Coded. Development has already started in Osaka. As the Final Mix team finishes their work, they’re joining the staff in turn. We’d like to announce it as soon as possible.”


Yoshinori Ono on the opportunities one considers when bringing a franchise like Super Street Fighter to 3DS…

“In the plan of bringing Street Fighter IV back to the scene, my desire was to bring back everyone into how people used to play Street Fighter 2. We just wanted to bring that passion back to the industry. So when we started, we started from HD [consoles], Xbox 360 and PS3, because that’s where we thought most gamers were, so that’s how we released the games first [in those consoles].

But obviously, even with those consoles we couldn’t quite bring back the sensation we had with Street Fighter 2 because the situation is different now. People play games on different machines, so the next point was iPhone. I thought about releasing a game on iPhone and you know that, again, is directed to a different demography and that also touched the casual gamers as well, and I was then looking for another medium to touch an even bigger casual market, and at that point Nintendo announced 3DS and I decided that that was the way to touch the casual market with Street Fighter.

Although it’s a hardcore game on a hard gamers console, previous to 3DS, on iPhone we could play with the touch screen as well. With 3DS you’ve got stunning graphics anyway so all in all, that [the 3DS] is going to be an important core of the Street Fighter gaming in the entire hardcore and casual gamers [community].”

Tecmo Koei names Samurai Warriors 3DS

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At E3, Tecmo Koei announced Samurai Warriors 3D for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld. Like Dead or Alive: Dimensions, though, the company has given the hack-and-slash title a new name: Samurai Warriors Chronicle. That’s the only piece of new information we have about the project, but it’s possible we’ll receive new details soon – perhaps as soon as next Wednesday.

As things stand now, Tomonobu Itagaki is making Devil’s Third for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 only. That could change sometime in the future, however. Itagaki recently stated that it’s possible the title could be released on other platforms in addition to Sony/Microsoft’s home consoles:

“”We’re developing it so that it can be brought to as yet unknown hardware as well. Specifically, the various areas of technology are scalable… More than that (the 3DS/PSP successor), although I can’t say this easily because I don’t have any information, it’s possible that Nintendo could release a higher end console. Something like that.”

Devil’s Third won’t be out until 2012 at the earliest. By then…who knows. Perhaps at that point we’ll be getting ready for the Wii’s successor. If that’s the case, Itagaki could consider bringing Devil’s Third to that console.


The information below supposedly comes from a GameStop employee…

“The computers for Gamestop have added the Nintendo 3DS in the system now, along with 18 games and 14 acessories listed as available for taking pre-orders on Sept 29th. They also have a listed a shipping date of Nov 22nd. (Since postal services are out on weekends, the Nov 20/2010 Sat is the most logical release date, as the orders would be delivered on Monday the 22nd)”

There’s no question that a release in late November is a possible time frame for launch… But I just have trouble believing a story like this – especially since we don’t even know if this person is truly a GameStop employee. I’m glad this will all be cleared up in a little less than two weeks.

Thanks to Thomas N for the tip!