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Mobile site update

Logo Posted 2 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Bumping this to the top! For those who are seeing annoying/redirecting ads on mobile, if possible, please send us screenshot of the ad(s) in question (preferably via email), and/or link to URLs where the redirects go. It’ll assist us in getting to the bottom of things. Thanks!

Our mobile site has been up for a short time now. For the most part, people seem pleased with it, but there are definitely a few things that need to be addressed. We’ve been looking at all feedback and will improve the mobile site as soon as possible.

There seem to be two points in particular that we need to tackle. First, there are those who want an option to visit the site normally on Wii U. The second is that some type of ads are causing the page to not appear properly. There are some smaller things we hope to tackle like the display of the page for iPads in landscape mode, and adding a favicon.

Have any of you experienced any other issues? Is there anything else you’d like to see on the mobile site? Let us know in the comments or via email.

On a slightly related note, I’m curious about how everyone feels about our ad situation at present – particularly on the mobile site. I’ve heard about a couple of issues pertaining to ads that shouldn’t be appearing, and others that are causing redirects. I’m wondering if these are isolated issues or part of a larger problem since I haven’t experienced anything on my end. I’d like to get to the bottom of it either way.

In any case, if you have feedback of any sort – be it the mobile site, ads, or anything else – get in touch! We’re easy to reach. Well, when my email isn’t broken anyway!


[Giveaway] Alien on the Run

alien-on-the-run Posted 2 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update (1/9): Winners are as follows:

Link Floyd

Congrats to all! Codes will be emailed shortly. Be on the lookout for another giveaway in the near future!

It’s time for another giveaway! We have three copies of Alien on the Run available for North American 3DS owners (thanks Max Criden).

This latest giveaway will run for three days. We simply want you to talk about your favorite aliens in video games in the comments section below. We may give extra consideration to those who put in a bit of extra effort into their post!


Nintendo Everything is now fully mobile-friendly

Logo Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update: Bumping this to the top. I wanted to let everyone know that all feedback is being considered for updates to the mobile site. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Also, it’s now 2015 on the East Coast, where Nintendo Everything is based. So happy to New Year to you all! I hope everyone has a fantastic 2015.

Nintendo Everything’s mobile site is now up and running! Some of you probably came across it at some point today.

The best part is, no secondary link is required to access the mobile layout. Simply visit Nintendo Everything as you regularly would, and you’ll be presented with the proper version of the site.

Even better: the new layout works on various devices, including tablets and even the Wii U! It basically fits the needs of anyone visiting the site. Your screen will automatically adjust to the design.

One thing I must do is thank the person who made the mobile site possible. Tim Sookram updated Nintendo Everything so that the design would look proper and adjust to practically any screen. I’m extremely thankful for his time and effort. Without him, none of this would have been possible. Thank you so much, Tim!

If you come across any issues or oddities, please let us know. We’ll try to fix any problems that arise as soon as possible.


Happy holidays! Let’s talk about some stuff

happy-holidays Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update: Winner of our Smash Bros. 3DS giveaway is SecretX! We’ll send your code shortly.

Our latest Twitter giveaway is Super Mario Bros. 3 for 3DS. You can enter here. Retro City Rampage: DX giveaway will take place tomorrow afternoon!

There’s plenty of time to enter our Smash Bros. 3DS giveaway! Plus, we’ve kicked off our first Twitter giveaway – EarthBound for Wii U!

Christmas is upon us and New Year’s is fast approaching. Now that we’re in the heart of the holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and supporting the site. Seriously, I don’t say that enough! You all are the life blood of Nintendo Everything. Those who simply check out what we’re doing, comment, and send in emails mean a great deal to me.

Hopefully you’ll take some time to relax and play some Nintendo games! I’ll be around as usual to cover any news that pops up. I’m not expecting a whole lot to come in over the next week or so, but updates will continue!

Now, since we’re on the topic of site-related stuff, there are a few quick things I wanted to bring up…

1. Many of you have requested a mobile site. It’s taken much longer than I would have liked, but we’re now making this possible! I didn’t want to say much about it and jinx the situation until something materialized, but I can absolutely confirm that we’ll be mobile-compatible very, very soon.

2. A new entry in the Developer Musings series is coming this weekend! Three indies will share their thoughts about the New 3DS.

3. My email service never seems to work properly! I unfortunately had a few hiccups this week. If you sent in a news tip this week (mainly Tuesday/Wednesday) or were expecting a reply, please resend if possible. 

4. This might seem slightly out of the blue, but I wanted to give you all a brief staff introduction. I never properly introduced our two new night shift news writers, and figured I may as well let you know who does what on Nintendo Everything.

So here we go!

Brian – I’m the one writing this post, and I’ve been here since the beginning. That was over seven years ago, amazingly enough! I handle most of the news on the site, and I’m primarily responsible for features like Developer Musings, Weekly Screenshot, Just a Chat, and the occasional article/interview. I have no real sleep schedule at this point, haha.

Austin – Austin has been here for quite awhile as well. He led the way on our podcast for over 100 episodes, and I know that I (like many of you) hope to see it return regularly in the future. Aside from podcasting, Austin also writes some very in-depth reviews and is the co-host of Just a Chat.

Patrick – Have you guys seen Patrick’s articles? He puts up some very, very interesting things, which is why I always look forward to reading his features. Patrick just recently wrapped up our “Best of DS” series. 

Jon – Jon joined us in late April. I actually can’t believe it was that long ago already! I don’t know where I’d be without Jon, since he’s handled a big chunk of the night shift. When I head off for a brief period of sleep, that’s usually when Jon comes in to post news.

Kira – Kira joined us this past summer and also helps out with the night shift. Again, I’d probably be in major trouble without Kira’s assistance. I need to sleep sometime, right? Kira recently published her first article on the site – read her thoughts on amiibo and Smash Bros. here!

Scott – Scott has been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work as of late. He’s been providing a lot of images for us in particular – including the one in this post!

Vincent – Vincent recently joined the team as a reviews editor. He plans on putting up a review of a Wii U eShop title early next year.

That’s the Nintendo Everything team at present!

5. Nintendo Everything has been around for over seven years now. However, I’d like to think that the site has continuously changed. If you look back on the 50,000+ posts added to the site since late 2007, you’ll notice that we’ve evolved in terms of how we handle Nintendo coverage.

But we don’t want to stop growing! And that’s why it’s absolutely crucial that we hear from you guys. What do you want to see from us in 2015 and beyond? Is there anything you want to see more/less of? Do you have any feature ideas that you’d like for us to consider? Your feedback is extremely important to me. Leave a comment, send an email, or reach out on Twitter/Facebook. 

We’re almost done! Keeping in line with the holiday spirit, we’re hosting a few giveaways. On the main site, we’ll be handing out a digital copy of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and you can win a few smaller titles on our Twitter account as well (stay tuned for news on that).

Entering our Smash Bros. 3DS giveaway is simple. Leave a comment in this post telling us about a holiday gaming memory you have. Or leave some feedback about the site. Those two types of comments are valid for the giveaway.

That’s it. A winner will be chosen at random on January 1. Please note that this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.

If you’ve somehow gotten this far, what the heck are you still doing here? I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Go on and enjoy it!


Reminder thing: We’re recording another episode of Here’s a Podcast this week

Posted 1 month ago
By (@NE_Austin)

Just wanted to send out a reminder to everyone that we are recording the 103rd episode of the several-months-absent “Here’s a Podcast” this week, so if you were a fan and you want to get an email read on the show in case we never make another episode again, please send it off to [email protected]. If you have no interest, no worries! This is for the people that were fans who may have missed the memo that another episode is coming.

Topics we’ll be talking about should include Super Smash Bros. 4, amiibos, what we’ve all been playing, and then whatever is brought up in listener questions mail. We’re going to do out best to read all of them on the show, so be bold! Be extravagant! Be interesting!

~ Austin, Jack, and Laura


GAME OF THE MONTH – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

unnamed Posted 1 month ago
By (@NE_Austin)

Comment: Game of the month? Austin, are you saying that you’re giving Super Smash Bros. for Wii U an award for being the best game that came out in December?

Absolutely not! I’m announcing a new feature for the website that we’re calling “Game of the Month”, where most staffers on Nintendo Everything creates some piece of content relating to a particular game as a sort of homage to its quirkiness, quality, or cultural significance. The very first game of the month we’ll be choosing is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a tribute to its release last month, and starting next weekend we’ll be bringing you a feature topic on that game every week. Opinion pieces, historical analysis, reviews– everything is fair game during Game of the Month!

Current GOTM Schedule

Dec. 13 – ‘Me and My Amiibo’ by Kira
Dec. 20 – ‘Namco Roulette: An Introduction to Pac & Pals’ by the Pat-man
Dec. 27 – ‘The Wonder of Smash’ by Vincent

Additionally, in the future I’m considering allowing readers to submits ideas for articles about the game of the month that they would write and then have featured on the website. If we decide to do something like that for this month I’ll let you all know soon! Get some ideas brewing about Smash for Wii U in the meantime, and look forward to these upcoming feature articles.


[Giveaway] Thomas Was Alone

thomas-was-alone Posted 1 month ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update: Max has now sent along the winners!

For North America, we have…

Kody B.

And Europe:

Giovanni “Frulla” Moglia

We’ll be in touch with the codes shortly. As always, thanks to those who entered!

It’s time for another giveaway! With the launch of Thomas Was Alone on the Wii U eShop this week, we’re ready to hand out six codes (thanks Max Criden and Curve Studios!). We have three codes for North America and three for Europe.

To enter, leave a comment below about a game whose story emotionally affected you (note: please specify your region in your comment!). We’ll give more consideration to those who put some effort into their post, as it’s only fair! That being said, we’re not expecting you to write a novel or anything – far from that!

We’ll let this latest giveaway run through Saturday. Good luck to everyone!


[Announcement] Here’s a Podcast episode 103 recording in December; send us emails!

HNI_0010 Posted 2 months ago
By (@NE_Austin)


All the way back in July, Nintendo Everything’s weekly podcast “Here’s a Podcast” ended abruptly with a strange-yet-totally-normal episode about, among other things, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. In a few weeks, all three podcast crew-members are going to be back together in the same city, and they all felt like it would be appropriate to record another episode as a parting gift to you all until further notice. Now, I smashed my finger under a couch earlier so it hurts to type, which means I am going to make this brief:

If you were a fan of the podcast, we’d love if you would do us a solid and send us some listener questions mail to [email protected]. We’ll need some for the show, after all! You can include parting words if you like– maybe some favorite moments from the 102 episodes prior– or just a regular old question; the future of the podcast looks at least semi-hopeful, but just in case… you may want to consider these your last emails ever!

I’d expect the podcast to be put up either the weekend of December 6th or December 13th.


[Giveaway] Tetrobot & Co.

tetrobot_and_co Posted 2 months ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update: Max has now passed along the winners! Congratulations to amtom, Adrian Brown, and Granpapá Oso. We’ll be in touch shortly with your codes.

Another week, another giveaway! This time around, we have three Tetrobot & Co. codes to hand out (thanks Max Criden!). Unfortunately, this is for North American Wii U owners only.

For the Tetrobot & Co. giveaway, we’d like you to talk about your favorite unusual uses of technology in a game or your favorite puzzle games. We’ll give extra consideration to those who put a little effort into their submissions. It’s only fair, right? Feel free to link to screenshots, videos, or even soundtrack samples!

We’ll let the Tetrobot & Co. giveaway run through Thursday. Winners will be announced soon after.


[Giveaway] Update: Winners announced – Win a copy of Tengami

tengami Posted 2 months ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update: Winners are in! We’ll be emailing codes shortly. Take a look at the winning entries below! And thanks to all who entered!

North America


my childhood has 5 stages: NES, SNES, N64, PS1, and PS2 because my family got them hand-me-down each one after another each about a year apart. My first games were mario 1 2 and 3, duck tales 2, duck hunt, TMNT, and some other crap NES games. Then came the super nintendo and the glory of Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. Saving in a game was amazing to us.
Then we got the N64 and put in Mario 64 and it was like…3d…what even is this?
After messing around with mario i dug into the bin of games (must have been 4-5 at the time, preschool) and pulled out the one with a sword on it. So we put that game in and it had cut scenes (totally un heard of for us). Navi flying through Kokiri forest….wow.
We spent like 2 years trying to beat the deku tree until i finally did one day by myself (must have been first grade because my friend had windwaker on game cube and he told me about it and it confused me because i thought ocarina would be about a boat and stuff)
a year later we got the ps1 as a hand me down as well and i got spyro. loved that game so much. then we got a ps2 from charity cuz we were poor. I experienced almost 20 years of gaming in 5 years because of this, and i have an appreciation for older games because thats what i grew up on.
And I’ll never find anything to replace ocarina of time in my heart, because to someone who couldn’t read the game was limitless. i didnt know what i was supposed to do so i did whatever i wanted and when i did something that triggered the story to progress i was so happy


Castlevania: Cirlcle of the Moon.

I’ve played many of the classics: OOT, Mario 64, F-Zero, etc.

But I think my most memorable childhood game and my favorite old game overall is Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on GBA. Where’s was born and lived a major part of my life we didn’t have much money: my GBA was sent to me from my uncle who lived in Canada and My Father couldn’t use up much of his money for gifts so I had few games. I had a Spider Man game, Super Mario Advance and Castlevania. It was apparently a PAL version of the game as it didn’t have the full name.

But Castlevania was the game I’d play the most. It was fun, and at the time challenging as I was quite young. It was my most valuable game: we would have small trade offs amongst friends in which we’d lend games to each other in exchange for another game. That was the only way I could play more games like Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Fire Emblem and Zelda.

I didn’t have a pokemon game till Emerald and those two games ended up being my most cherished.

They were the two games I wouldn’t lend to anyone but my closest friends.


In 1990 my favorite uncle left the country. That same year he sent my brother and I a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy. In 1993 he sent us a SNES and in 1994 he sent us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV Turtles in Time, and thus, my short, young, little life was complete. There were videogames and there were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what more could I ever want? The real world be damned, I wanted out of it. We lived the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they were our lives, mine, my brother’s and my cousin’s. My brother’s nickname in middle and high school was Turtle and people who knew him back then still call him that to this day. We had toys, posters, underwear, backpacks, fannypacks, we watched the movies and cartoons on VHS with an almost religious fervor, pretended that we were the Turtles and, at least on one occasion, dressed up as them (there’s a picture of this, my only attempt at “cosplay” thus far, but let me try to keep one last sliver of dignity, please). But above all that, first and foremost, we played Turtles in Time. Over and over, without rest, in Normal, in Hard, in Animation, in Comic. We’d get to the credits, reset, pass the controller and start all over again without rest. I was Michelangelo, my brother was Leonardo, my cousin was Raphael, always. We know all the music by heart, we know all the sounds by heart, all the voices, pixels, backgrounds, sprites. We know this game.

In 4th grade I met someone who seemed to know what I was talking about for the first time. We played with He-Man toys (he had the old one, I had the new one), we played Game Boy together, and, most of all, we played Turtles in Time on an almost infinite loop. By the time we were in 6th grade he’d turned from best friend into bully and tried to make my life worse than I wanted it to be. After that we went to different schools and didn’t see each other as much until he left the country for Germany, although we sort of made our peace with each other somehow before that, helped by time and infrequency.

There were a lot of things going on in my country and my family back then, and there still are to some degree. In 1994 my other uncle, my cousin’s father, was sent to prison for political and ideological reasons, and no one knew where he was for sure. We didn’t think much about any of this when we were children but these couldn’t have been particularly fun times for adults in my family, even though they did a marvelous job of keeping us children out of it, specially my cousin. The real world was a scary place and my brother, my cousin and I would much rather be in Big Apple, 3 AM.

My cousin died of cancer almost a decade ago. Politics, life, decisions made by complete strangers to us, and 90 miles of shark infested waters kept us apart for the last 10 years of his life. Last I heard about my friend he had spent seven years in a prison in Germany; I don’t know what for and I can’t and don’t want to think about what he must have gone through. He’s got the right ingredients for a being a good person and I hope the hole in him hasn’t gotten any bigger. At some point I made the mistake of exchanging Turtles in Time for another game but I’ve since managed to find another copy. It’s not the same cartridge and not everyone is here, but the game is the same and my brother and I still play it. It doesn’t do much discernable harm and it certainly makes everything a bit more tolerable.



Hmmm… That’s a toughie, tbh. Between Minish Cap. Fire Red, the Battle Network series, Kirby… I think I’ll go with Fire Red. The revelation of actually finding out there was Pokemon games when I was a little kid after watching the anime every day in the afternoon after school was just.. epic! I can remember to this days my first minutes and entering Oak’s lab and hearing that music and picking my soon to was lifelong companion, Charizard… It gives me goosebumps to this very day!


Metroid II: return of Samus.
First time I saw the cartridge, it was already inserted in my beautiful emerald green “Play it Loud!” Game Boy model, which made me suspect that my father secretly tried to play it before me. For me as a little child, nothing was more charming than the dephts of planet Zebes. I just wanted to explore every narrow passage, bomb every wall, blow up every door. Shooting doors was actually one of the best things I could think of: why couldn’t it be that way in the real world? Written text was almost totally missing, and so everyting was up my imagination. I fancied the story as I proceeded deeper into the planet. I was a glorious robot killing Metroids, the most horrible creatures on earth. Even if Zebes was not Earth. Then I got curious and even bothered to read the instruction booklet. All of a sudden I turned into a bounty hunter, and a female one. Who cared, Samus was still the best of both worlds. I told my father: did you know? That robot is a girl. And girls had just got cooler. When I’ll have a girlfriend, we’ll go metroid hunting together.
(Signed: an European Bounty Hunter)


Well since we’re talking about storybooks here, i feel that yoshi’s story on n64 needs to be mentioned.

Sure it wasnt the best game ever made, but i had a ton of fun with that game back in the day, and it’s still beautiful today. I can still remember the song of the yoshi’s on the title screen, and will never forget it.

Tengami is out today on the Wii U eShop. To celebrate, we’re holding a giveaway for both North American and European fans.  

The rules are simple. We want you to leave a comment below about a favorite game you played as a child, given Tengami’s whimsical storybook quality. Also be sure to specify which region you’re entering for.

We’ll let the giveaway run for three days, though this may vary slightly depending on the amount of entries. Winners will likely be announced on Sunday.

We have a total of six codes to hand out – three for North America and three for Europe. To sweeten the deal, all North American winners will also receive a code for Tengami’s soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Get those comments in! And huge thanks to Max Criden for working with us on this!