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Koei Tecmo talks more about Hyrule Warriors, Star Wars interest, working with Nintendo again

Posted on September 24, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Wii U

Eurogamer has published a new interview with Hyrule Warriors producer Hisashi Koinuma, Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi, and Koei Tecmo exec and Omega Force leader Akihiro Suzuki. The discussion naturally included more talk of the Wii U game, as well as topics like working with Nintendo again (plus Mario interest?!), and even Star Wars.

You’ll find a few excerpts from Eurogamer’s interview below. Head on over here for the full thing.

On how Hyrule Warriors originally started out more Zelda-like…

“To start with, when the idea kicked off, the image we had of Zelda was actually implemented in the game – the puzzle solving, RPG approach of a Zelda title. They are the essential parts and we started to implement them. At that point Miyamoto-san and Nintendo came to us and said ‘this doesn’t feel like cross-IP game, this is more just like a Zelda game’ and that if it was just going to feel like a Zelda game there was no point in doing a cross-collaboration.” – Suzuki

“We got the direction [from Nintendo] of making it something more in line with our skillset, and in terms of how we could bring to the franchise something we’re strong with. It was very early in production, at a very early design phase, that those discussions happened. It was more of a collaboration about what we could do with that IP.” – Hayashi

On working with Nintendo…

“Mr. Miyamoto only did his signature table-flipping once. It was only once during the entire production – the rest of the time he was pretty positive about what we showed, and what we were able to present. Mr. Aonuma was trying to get us to break out of our ideas of what Zelda was – we were trying to make it like Zelda and he said no, break out and do something different. He was really encouraging us to explore more.” – Hayashi

On the dream Dynasty Warriors-type game…

“It’s a personal opinion but I’d love to work with Star Wars one day, if I got the chance.” – Suzuki

“Without any restrictions or anything, the ideal dream would be to work on Star Wars.” – Koinuma

On working with Nintendo again in the future…

“One of my ultimate dreams would be using that character with the red hat on top. There is a Smash Bros. coming out, we do see a lot of different characters coming together in an all-star roster, so hopefully in the long run we can work with Nintendo on something with a similar line, where we can provide or deliver something Nintendo can’t in a sense with their own IP.” – Koinuma

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