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2K Sports updated its announcement page for WWE 2K18 on Switch with an interesting note. It now states, “The Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K18 will support 6 characters onscreen at once.” Reader Mike tells us that other versions of WWE 2K18 will feature eight characters on-screen at once.

It’s unclear if WWE 2K18 will differ on Switch in any other way. 2K Sports has promised the inclusion of new features, the MyPlayer mode, and the new Custom Match option.

Thanks to mike for the tip.


Today, 2K shard new in-game soundtrack details for WWE 2K18. WWE Superstar and global icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been brought on board as an executive producer for the soundtrack.

The following songs have been confirmed:

NBA 2K18 – MyTEAM trailer

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2K Sports has come out with a new NBA 2K18 trailer focusing on the MyTEAM features. Have a look at the video below.

Update: Many more WWE superstars added in below.

Original: 2K Sports is kicking off the first wave of reveals today for the WWE 2K18 roster. Over a dozen new participants have been confirmed thus far.

NBA 2K18 has received a new video blog detailing the improvements being made to the players’ finer details and MyPlayer. Check it out below.

Nintendo’s Japanese store has added in a listing for the Switch version of NBA 2K18. According to the page, the game will feature amiibo support. We’re currently assuming that the page is accurate rather than being an error.

It’ll never happen, but it’d be hilarious if you could have characters such as Mario and Luigi playing alongside the likes of LeBron James. I’m pretty curious to see what the functionality turns out to be…

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NBA 2K18 has been delayed on Switch… sort of.

The main launch of the sports title is taking place on September 19. While NBA 2K18 will still be coming to Switch on that day digitally, the physical version will not. NBA 2K18 will hit store shelves on Nintendo’s console sometime this fall.

2K and parent company Take-Two Interactive have not provided a reason for the delay.


When WWE 2K18 releases on Switch this fall, it will only be sold as a regular title. 2K Sports unveiled a collector’s edition for the game today, but it does not appear to be planned for the console. The announcement specifically mentions that it “will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.”

2K previously announced a Deluxe Edition for WWE 2K18 as well. As far as we know, this will also not be offered on Switch.

The way 2K is handling WWE on Switch comes in contrast to NBA 2K18. With the latter game, Switch is receiving all versions, including both Legend Editions.


A recent tweet confirmed that WWE 2K18 will be getting a collector’s edition and we will be receiving more info about it Thursday. From just the image itself we can see that the collector’s edition will have everything the deluxe version plus some physical goodies. If you are big into WWE you might want to keep an eye on it.

2K Sports announced the complete soundtrack for NBA 2K18. It features music spanning genres from Hip Hop to Classic Rock, with artists including Kendrick Lamar, Future, and X Ambassadors with classic arena jams from Def Leppard, OutKast and Onyx.

The full soundtrack is as follows:

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