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It’s not too much, but the first glimpse of NBA 2K18 footage on Switch has come in with an off-screen video. See it below.


Update: Another important detail has come in. NBA 2K18 will run at 30 frames per second, while the PlayStation and Xbox One versions are 60 FPS.

2K Sports and Visual Concepts seem to be treating the Switch version of NBA 2K18 well. Folks are starting to go hands on with the game, including USgamer, and we’re hearing that it’s feature complete and will be identical to the PlayStation 4 version. NBA 2K18 players on Switch can expect the inclusion of MyGM team-management, MyLeague, MyCareer, Story mode, and everything else. It’s the same engine across all platforms.

amiibo support is officially confirmed as well. However, the specifics are being kept under wraps.

Retailers are updating the boxart for NBA 2K18 on Switch. It’s mostly the same, but the packaging has one key addition. As shown above, it’s noted that an internet download and microSD card are required.

The boxart change isn’t just limited to one retailer. Best Buy and GameStop have both made the change for all versions – the Early Tip-Off Edition and Legend Editions.

We still have to assume that NBA 2K18 will come on a cartridge on Switch. However, you may need an extra download before you can begin playing. NBA 2K games tend to be huge, so perhaps it couldn’t fit on the cartridge alone. That’s just our speculation, however.

Thanks to megasnorlax for the tip.

Following last week’s reveals, another 41 WWE Superstars have been announced for WWE 2K18. More Superstars are planned to be confirmed next week.

Here’s the full rundown:

NBA 2K18 received a new trailer today highlighting the new special commentary provided by special guests. Legends Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett joined the booth on a rotating basis to lend their expertise to the broadcast. View today’s video below.

NBA 2K18 – All-Time Teams trailer

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2K Sports put out a new trailer for NBA 2K18 today. It focuses on the All-Time Teams, with players from all sorts of eras included in the sports title. View the video below.

Last night, NBA 2K18 cover star Kyrie Irving was traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics. That had obviously implications for 2K Sports.

As for how the publisher is handling the situation, 2K says that the company “will issue a version of 2K18 featuring Kyrie in a Boston Celtics uniform at a later date.” The full statement reads:

“We are excited to be part of one of the most memorable NBA offseasons in history with Kyrie, our 2K18 cover athlete, and Isaiah, one of the stars of our 2K roster, trading places. This isn’t an unprecedented event, a cover athlete being traded – but it’s certainly interesting timing with 2K18 being released in less than a month. The good news is that as the most authentic and realistic basketball game on the market, we’re used to being nimble and responding to changes in the NBA. Fans should be thrilled to know that we will issue a version of 2K18 featuring Kyrie in a Boston Celtics uniform at a later date.”


Following up on last week’s reveals, another 37 WWE Superstars have been announced for WWE 2K18. The list is comprised of legends, women, tag teams, current superstars, and all-time greats.

Here’s the full rundown:

2K Sports has a bit of a dilemma on its hands. Kyrie Irving was named the cover athlete for the standard version of NBA 2K18 as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. But as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports, Irving has been traded to the Boston Celtics (and I’m now dying a bit on the inside as a Knicks fan).

It’s not entirely clear how 2K will approach the situation, but logic dictates that the cover will be updated with Irving in a Celtics uniform. Kotaku reached out to the company, and we’ll report back if they provide a statement.

Just to reiterate, the news only affects NBA 2K18’s standard cover. Other versions feature Shaquille O’Neal

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2K Sports updated its announcement page for WWE 2K18 on Switch with an interesting note. It now states, “The Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K18 will support 6 characters onscreen at once.” Reader Mike tells us that other versions of WWE 2K18 will feature eight characters on-screen at once.

It’s unclear if WWE 2K18 will differ on Switch in any other way. 2K Sports has promised the inclusion of new features, the MyPlayer mode, and the new Custom Match option.

Thanks to mike for the tip.


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