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Aurelien Regard

The Next Penelope originally came out in 2015. A Wii U version was planned, but creator Aurélien Regard has since confirmed that it’s been cancelled on the console.

The one bright spot here is that Regard is looking into whether a port on Switch will be possible. It also sounds like he’s hoping to bring his next game to the new system since Unity is supported, which is what the project is built on.

Continue on below for Regard’s full comments on the situation.

Nintendo Life has a new interview up with Aurelien Regard, the creator of The Next Penelope. Regard was asked about things like using the Wii U’s dual-screen setup and release date, the possibility of a 3DS version, and plans for the future.

You can find those excerpts below. The full interview is located here.

The Next Penelope is officially coming to Wii U, according to creator Aurelien Regard.

Regard shared the news on Twitter a short while ago through the following message:

Regard previously said in March that he’d look to bring The Next Penelope to the eShop.

Arkedo co-founder Aurelien Regard is currently working on “The Next Penelope”. It’s a retro racing title that seems to take inspiration from the likes of F-Zero.

The Next Penelope is being built with the Construct 2 engine, which the Wii U supports. Wouldn’t that make it a perfect fit for the eShop? At the very least, Regard appears to be interested…

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