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Circle Entertainment

Circle Entertainment intends to release a new “Quell” game this summer. The title will likely launch on the 3DS eShop, much like Quell Reflect did back in February.

Circle Entertainment wrote on Twitter earlier today:


It shouldn’t be too long before we see European Conqueror 3D on the 3DS eShop. Earlier today, Circle Entertainment posted a message on Twitter stating that the game is now in final testing.

The note reads:


A number of visual novels have made their way to the 3DS eShop in Japan – namely Harvest December. Now, it would seem that some of these releases will be localized for the west.

Circle Entertainment wrote on Twitter earlier today that the company has been in contact with potential translators, and if all works out, we’ll begin seeing them in English “soon.”


Parking Star 3D has been submitted to Nintendo in North America, Circle Entertainment has confirmed.

The company tweeted the news earlier today:


A look at Demon King Box

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Circle Entertainment has provided a look at Demon King Box – previously known as Demon’s Box – on Twitter. The strategy game is currently going through beta testing.

Here’s the first available shot of the game:


DSiWare lives! Circle Entertainment is bringing out one more release for the platform, “I am in the Movie”.

I am in the Movie isn’t actually a game. Rather, it’s an app that allows users to add effects to their video clips in real time. They can then be saved to an SD card as an .AVI file.

I am in the Movie will launch in North America on March 27.

Here’s a full overview and list of features included in the download:

Circle Entertainment has confirmed plans to bring Parking Star 3D to the 3DS eShop. In total, the game will offer 40 levels.

Circle Entertainment shared the news about Parking Star 3D on Twitter earlier today:


Witch & Hero 2 on the way

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A sequel to the 3DS eShop title Witch & Hero is in the works, publisher Circle Entertainment revealed on Twitter earlier today.

No information was shared, but the company did tweet the following:

FK Digital created the first Witch & Hero and is likely working on the sequel.

DLC is currently unlikely for Tappingo. That’s according to creator Hugo Smits, who said on Twitter today that nothing is planned as of now.

Smits’ tweet is as follows:

Smits also wrote on Twitter that a sequel could begin development “right away” assuming “sales are good.” A new game would incorporate feedback received and possibly a QR code puzzle option.


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