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Circle Entertainment has given us an exclusive look at its upcoming slate of games. We’re kicking things off today with Castle Conqueror EX, a real-time strategy title for the 3DS eShop.

Castle Conqueror may sound familiar if you kept track of DSiWare releases back in the day, as it was one of the more well-received DSiWare games. Now Circle Entertainment has revamped it entirely as the eShop release “Castle Conqueror EX”.

There are four heroes for players to choose from in Castle Conqueror EX. Each has tactical cards that can be used in battle, and they bring about special advantages. Cards provide enhancements for a short period of time such as a power up or ability to curse enemies.

The gameplay rules have changed in EX. If this one, troops will attack any enemies they encounter.

Castle Conqueror EX’s AI and levels have been redone, enemies are more intelligent, and the levels are more challenging. All items and hero abilities have been redesigned as well. Other elements that have been revamped/added include illustrations, UI, tutorial, bonus system, game balance, and more. Circle also informed us that there is a play coins feature that can be used to boost battle effects.

Compared to the original, EX is estimated to be 80 percent new. The only parts that remain the same are the core gameplay concept and story.

Circle Entertainment hopes to have Castle Conqueror out in early October for an affordable price. You’ll find first screenshots from the game below.

Circle Entertainment has announced a release date for Glory of Generals. The 3DS eShop strategy game will launch in North America next week – July 3.

Here’s what we know about Glory of Generals:

– Features 64 campaigns between 1939 and 1945
– These include the Western front, Eastern front, North Africa and Antarctica
– Upgrade bases, repair troops and get promoted to marshal
– Call upon 102 famous generals for help
– Eisenhower, Rommel, Patton and Zhukov are among the generals
– Master the complexities of combat
– Game has different tactics
– Armored troops move slowly in the mountains and Infantry can construct buildings that can defend against tanks and artillery
– Over 15 countries to choose from
– In Legion mode, play as any playable general on any battlefield
– 100 hours of gameplay contents


Circle Entertainment teased Attack! Attack! Glory Of Generals for the 3DS eShop on Twitter earlier today.

No actual game details were shared. However, Circle did include a single screenshot with its tease:

European Conqueror 3D is on track to hit the North American 3DS eShop next week. During launch week, it’ll be available for only $0.99.


About a week ago, Circle Entertainment confirmed that Quell Reflect was in Nintendo’s European lot check. A June release was tentatively planned.

Circle provided a new update regarding Quell Reflect’s European version today, confirming that the game is now slated for July. The company also reconfirmed plans to bring out another Quell game.

Circle’s tweet reads:


Parking Star 3D will be hitting the North American 3DS eShop on May 8, Circle Entertainment has confirmed. There’s no word on the game’s European release date at this time.

Check out the game intro for Parking Star 3D below:


Parking Stars 3D’s release is just on the horizon. Earlier today, Circle Entertainment said on Twitter that the game has now been approved for North America. The game is expected out “soon.”

Circle wrote:


Swords & Soldiers is a fine game, but the 3DS version was sadly marred by a number of issues. One of these problems, however, could be addressed in the future.

We recently spoke with Ronimo Games about a number of topics including their thoughts on Swords & Soldiers 3D – a port handled by Circle Entertainment. The studio’s Jasper Koning informed us that Circle is “still working to improve the frame rate”, and even more surprisingly, the company is “looking into bringing the DLC expansion ‘Super Saucy Sausage Fest’ to the 3DS.”

We’ll have more from Ronimo this weekend when our full interview goes live.

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