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DLC is currently unlikely for Tappingo. That’s according to creator Hugo Smits, who said on Twitter today that nothing is planned as of now.

Smits’ tweet is as follows:

Smits also wrote on Twitter that a sequel could begin development “right away” assuming “sales are good.” A new game would incorporate feedback received and possibly a QR code puzzle option.


Circle Entertainment has shared a sales update for Witch & Hero. In the last half-year, 100,000 copies have been sold.

Circle tweeted earlier today:


Circle Entertainment has pinned down a final release date for Quell Reflect. The game is expected out on February 20 in North America via the eShop.

Circle wrote on Twitter earlier today:


Circle Entertainment recently revealed to Nintendo Everything that the publisher will be bringing Quell Reflect to the eShop. The company’s Chris Chau (producer) as well as FK Digital developers Mickey Lin (director) and Aloner Chiu (assistant director/planner) shared more details about the game in a recent interview. 

Head past the break for our full discussion. Along with Quell Reflect, we asked about Wii U, interest in retail, and the Chinese market.

Tappingo has just recently passed lotcheck, and the game has received a final release date. It’ll be out on February 27 in North America and Europe. New screenshots can be found above.

Circle Entertainment has provided Nintendo Everything with a first look at “Quell Reflect”. This Zen-style puzzle game is coming to the 3DS eShop soon in the US – perhaps as early as February.

Based on screenshots we’ve received, Quell Reflect appears to have been originally released on mobile platforms and was created by Fallen Tree Games (trying to confirm this at the moment). The 3DS version is being handled by FK Digital, the team behind Brunch Panic, Witch & Hero, and WAKEDAS.

We’re currently looking to obtain more details about Quell Reflect, and should have more news soon.

Tappingo developer Goodbye Galaxy Games has officially confirmed a late February launch for its upcoming 3DS eShop title. It will be priced at $2.99 / €2.99. Screenshots of a few retro-inspired puzzles can be found below.

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