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Fire Emblem Heroes

The Bound Hero Battle: Cecilia & Lilina in Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a second run. Starting today until November 16th, you can attempt this battle again by accessing it in Special Maps. You can earn a variety of rewards by beating it on Hard, Lunatic and Infernal difficulty as well as clearing special quests which require you to use Alfonse and Sharena.

A new summoning focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. This summoning focus called “Heroes with Death Blow” features 5 star versions of Elincia, Delthea, and Klein with the skill Death Blow. This focus will be available until November 23rd.

You will be able to receive free orbs up to 10 times from today to November 21st in celebration of autumn. Something fairly small, but nice all the same.

The short haired ladies vs long haired gents voting gauntlet is now live for players to try out. The combatants are Takumi, Karel, Soren, Ryoma, Amelia, Katarina, Shanna and Hinoka. This gauntlet will last until November 11th.

The bond hero battle returns to the special maps for a week starting today and lasting until November 9th. This battle has the return of Celcia and Alm, it also includes some special quests for players to try and complete. You will have your choice from hard to infernal difficulties.

A new Voting Gauntlet event is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes soon – and this time, it’s a battle of the haircuts. Between November 6th and November 12th, it’s a face-off between short-haired ladies and long-haired gents. Representing the women are Amelia, Katarina, Shanna and Hinoka while Takumi, Karel, Soren and Ryoma will fight for the men. You can see the match-ups in the image above.

If you don’t have any of these characters yet, then the two Summoning Foci that are available starting today might be helpful. One of them features the four women and the other features the four men.

This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

We will continue on to Fire Emblem Heroes, released in February of this year. For this title, we listened to the voices of our consumers and provided continual updates. As the result, we are on track to meet our overall business objectives, including our profit objectives. Since this summer, we have been holding large-scale events, adding new characters, adjusting specifications, and running new promotional campaigns, all bringing about another increase in active users.

You might think that the Fire Emblem series is more popular within Japan, but the share of sales overseas for Fire Emblem Heroes is steadily growing. As you can see, the overseas share of total sales has been expanding for the past several months and has exceeded sales in Japan. By the end of the year, we will also add support for Traditional Chinese text, and expand service to five new target countries and regions: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Thailand, and Singapore.

We will continue services for applications that have already been released, and we will continue releasing new smart device applications on the order of two to three per year.


Fire Emblem Heroes added in a new Halloween event earlier today centered around Halloween. Take a look at some footage below.

The newest Fire Emblem Heroes banner is up and it is centered around the theme of Halloween. You’ll have your choices of variants of Nowi, Henry, Jakob and Sakura. The banner lasts until November 28th, so you’ll have quite a bit of time to try and get these characters.

Some new seasonal characters are coming to Fire Emblem Heroes including: Jakob, Sakura, Henry and Nowi all in Halloween variant costumes. You can check out all the characters in their costumes below.

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