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Kamiko’s sales have surpassed 110,000 units, according to Circle Entertainment co-founder and CEO Chris Chau.

48 percent of the Switch game’s sales were from America. Europe and Australia is next at 27 percent, followed by Japan at 25 percent. Kamiko has been on sale for roughly three months in Japan and 2.5 months elsewhere. While the US is the biggest market so far, “the Eastern market still has a lot of users we can’t ignore.”

Chau told Nintendo Life:

“We are usually thinking about why some local titles perform better than Western titles in Japan, and we think most of the reasoning comes back to game pricing, localization and local PR. Of course it’s case by case, but regardless I think the Eastern market deserves attention from developers. Also we know many Chinese gamers may purchase a Switch from Hong Kong, so we’ve suggested to the developers that they should consider a Chinese language pack.”

Skipmore, who developed the game, is now working on Picontier. It’s targeted for release this year.


Rhythm game Voez was one of the surprise launch titles for the Switch back in March. On June 1st, the game will receive its first major update. Patch 1.1 will bring with it a total of 18 new songs. Watch the video below to see a preview of all of them:


Alchemic Dungeons trailer

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Alchemic Dungeons, set to release in Japan next week via the 3DS eShop, has received a new trailer. Get a look at the video below.

Circle Entertainment has already confirmed plans to localize Alchemic Dungeons. We should be seeing it in North America and Europe sometime after the Japanese release.

Flyhigh Works and Circle Entertainment want to let us know how difficult their new rhythm game for Switch can be. That’s why we’ve got a new video about Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical that shows how the difficulty modes will vary from easy to lunatic. It’d be better not to underestimate the more advanced stages.

Check out the video below:


Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical, a spinoff of The Legend of Dark Witch games, is one of the newest titles for the Switch eShop. Have a look at some footage below.

Yesterday we reported that Dark Witch Music: Rudymical, a rhythm mini-game that’s already out on 3DS, was coming to Switch and it was listed for May 11 on the official Nintendo UK’s website.

Now CIRCLE Ent.’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical will be coming to the North American Switch eShop on the same date, May 11, for a price of $7.99.

Here’s an English trailer:


Flyhigh Works is readying Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical for Switch. Attached below, you can watch an official trailer for the game.

Last year, Dark Witch Music: Rudymical ended up on mobile devices. It’s based on the rhythm mini-game from The Legend of Dark Witch 2 which is currently out now on 3DS.

The same title is now coming to Switch as “Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical”. It’s listed for May 11 on Nintendo’s website.

Below is the official overview from Nintendo’s website:

“The popular spin-off from Dark Witch Story is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Play the single-player STORY MODE and defeat all the bosses! Play the VS MODE to battle against your friends, and the CO-OP MODE to co-operate!

Press the buttons rhythmically in time to cut down Boing boings (bullets). Jump to avoid fire beams!

Get your groove on, Dark Witch style!

High quality graphics true to the original Dark Witch Story
Original music composed by Raito
Beautiful illustrations”

We don’t have a trailer for the Switch version just yet. You can watch a video for the mobile edition below, however.


Kamiko: English trailer

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Kamiko will be released in Europe and North America this week on the Switch eShop, and as such, publisher Flyhigh Works has prepared an English trailer for the game. Check it out:


SubaraCity English trailer

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SubaraCity is being released on the European 3DS eShop today, and publisher Circle Entertainment has released a new English trailer for that occasion. Give it a watch:

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