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SubaraCity English trailer

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SubaraCity is being released on the European 3DS eShop today, and publisher Circle Entertainment has released a new English trailer for that occasion. Give it a watch:

Circle Entertainment has long been teasing the western version of SubaraCity. Starting next week, it will begin to release.

Circle wrote on Twitter yesterday that SubaraCity has been nailed down for March 23 in Europe and Australia. Although there’s no news yet for North America, we’re expecting it sometime within the next few weeks.

The official tweet is as follows:


Voez footage

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Footage from the Switch eShop game Voez is now available below. It’s out now in Europe and Japan, with North America to follow shortly.

Voez easy / hard mode footage

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Flyhigh Works has recently released a video on YouTube of gameplay from Voez’s easy and hard modes. Check out the footage below.

Voez, the handheld-mode-only Switch rhythm game, will be hitting the North American eShop on March 9. The game will cost $25.

Here’s a new English trailer:

SubaraCity footage

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SubaraCity made it to Japan just recently, and it’s heading west at some point courtesy of Circle Entertainment. Watch some footage below.

Circle Entertainment, who are indirectly involved with the game, have confirmed that Voez will be a launch title in Europe as well as in Japan. The game will cost €20,99 and will be available on the Switch eShop on March 3rd. Flyhigh Works is handling the publishing worldwide.


Voez confirmed for the west

Posted on 4 weeks ago by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop | 156 Comments | 0 Likes

Update: Circle Entertainment deleted its original tweet, and has now clarified that the company is indirectly involved with the western release:

Voez is one of Japan’s launch games on the Switch eShop. Thankfully, we haven’t had to wait long for a localization announcement. Circle confirmed on Twitter earlier today that the company will handle Voez in the west.

The brief tweet reads:

Voez doesn’t have a release date for North America or Europe yet, though we’ll keep you informed as the situation develops.


The official website for Voez has been updated with a few more details about the Switch game.

Most significantly, only portable play is supported due to incorporation of the touchscreen. There isn’t support for buttons, and you won’t be able to experience the title on the television as a result.

After purchasing Voez, 116 songs will be available. Ascension(xi) is in as an exclusive song on Switch, and even more exlusive music will be added for free down the road via updates.

One final note: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, and Korean are all in.


Flyhigh Works published a trailer for their upcoming rhythm game Voez, which launches on the Japanese Switch eShop on March 3rd:

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