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Super Beat Sports was originally supposed to be on the Switch eShop tomorrow. Unfortunately, that’s no longer happening.

Developer Harmonix said on Twitter a short while ago that Super Beat Sports has been pushed back. A new date has not yet been announced, but we assume that the delay won’t be terribly long.


Harmonix has released a third teaser for its upcoming Switch title Super Beat Sports. Five games will be included in the package: Whacky Bat, Net Ball, Rhythm Racket, Buddy Ball and Gobble Golf. Each one supports full multiplayer and a bonus Pro mode. Watch today’s video below.

Harmonix has set a release date for its first Switch game Super Beat Sports. Today, the company confirmed that the game will begin distribution on the eShop starting October 12.

We also have a new teaser video for the Net Ball section of Super Beat Sports. You can find that below.

Today, Harmonix released a new live-action video for Super Beat Sports, its upcoming collection of sports-themed mini-games with a musical twist for Switch. It focuses on Whacky Bat in which you’ll swing, volley and hit to the beat to defeat the fun-loving aliens from the Muzicalian galaxy. View the video below.

Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix is bringing Super Beat Sports to Switch. We’ve included a trailer and gameplay video below.

Below is a brief overview:

“Go BALListic with rhythmic sports fun for 1-4 players! Super Beat Sports is a collection of five sports-themed mini games with a twist – everything is musical. That means that you’ll need swing, volley, and score to the music in order to come out on top.”

Harmonix finally announced Rock Band 4, a game that has long been rumored to be in development. Sadly though, today’s news came with a confirmation that the game won’t be either Wii U (and Wii, which had to have been expected at this point).

Harmonix explained in a forum post that this is because of “shifting production priorities and capabilities of the studio”. The company further added that the team “had to prioritize opportunities on other platforms with historically larger RB audiences.”

The full explanation is as follows:

Activision is one of the elements people tend to point to when discussing how the rhythm genre collapsed. Between 2006 and 2011, there was at least one new “Hero”-related release from the company each year.

Original Guitar Hero developer Harmonix believes that Activision did play a role in the decline of rhythm games, but feels that the publisher wasn’t the only factor.

Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopulos wrote in a Reddit AMA held earlier today:

I think there’s probably some truth to the notion that Activision “over-published” Guitar Hero. But I wouldn’t agree that the decline of the genre was “entirely the fault of Activision”. Reality is always more complicated than this. For example, it didn’t help that GH and RB were the most expensive video games on the market during a brutal recession. I also don’t think that either GH or RB delivered enough (or the right kind of) evolution of the experience in the years that followed the initial releases–something we hope to address at some point in the next outing.

[M]usic games need to evolve just like every aspect of pop culture. The band game boom was followed by a dance game boom, which will be followed by some other manifestation of music games–hopefully some of the new stuff Harmonix is working on! Music is a permanent aspect of the human experience, and so is gameplay. It’s Harmonix’s job to figure out new ways for music and gameplay to amplify each other’s emotional power.

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