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Fire Emblem Heroes version 1.6.0 is live

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The newest update is now available for download on Fire Emblem Heroes. The newest update switches silver and bronze summon rates while also allowing players to summon once without using any orbs on all future summon focuses. Other changes include:

-Arena and training towers being easier to train in by providing additional SP and EXP
-New Arena Assault mode
-Catalog of heroes updated to show more details for characters
-Hero merit limit raised

Another summoning focus has been released for players to try and get characters with unique abilities, this time the focus is on characters with life and death. Minerva, Hana and Jaffar are all part of this latest focus. The focus will last until August 18th.

Round 1 of the Battle at the Beach Voting Gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes is over.
Gaius, Robin, Leo, and Corrin were the winners for the first round and get to move onto Round 2. If you supported a winning team in the first round, you get a bonus of 500 feathers and keep fighting for the same team in this round. If you were on the losing side, you get no bonus, but get to pick a new team.

The second round for the Battle at the Beach Voting Gauntlet will last until August 5th.

The newest Fire Emblem Heroes voting gauntlet is now up for players to start participating. You will have a choice between four characters to pick from, the summer variants of Gaius, Frederick, Robin, Tiki, Leo, Xander Corrin and Elise. The event lasts until August 7th.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ new Nohrian Summer event kicked off a few hours ago. Among other things, the game has a new Paralogue Map. Check out some footage below.

The focus mentioned in the Feh Channel update today is now live. You will be able to get Summer versions of Female Corrin, Xander, Leo and Elise. The focus will remain available until August 31st.

Nintendo released a new trailer for the new “Nohrian Summer” event in Fire Emblem Heroes. Corrin, Elise, Leo, and Xander will be featured in swimsuit outfits starting tonight. Watch the video below.

Nintendo just wrapped up a new “Feh Challen” broadcast for Fire Emblem Heroes. The latest information about the mobile game was delivered, including details on version 1.6, a six-month anniversary celebration, and more.

Here’s the broadcast in case you missed it:

And a summary of what was shared:

Update: Thankfully, Nintendo is making an English version available this time around after all. It will be shown on YouTube here.

Original: At the end of April, Nintendo prepared a special live stream for Fire Emblem Heroes. The latest news about the mobile game was delivered at the time.

Nintendo is bringing back that same broadcast tomorrow. During the stream, we’ll once again receive the latest news about the mobile game.

The presentation will air at the following times:

– 8:30 PM PT
– 11:30 PM ET
– 4:30 AM in the UK
– 5:30 AM in Europe

You can watch the event as it happens on YouTube. However, it is unlikely to be shown in English, as the last presentation was only in Japanese.

Fire Emblem Heroes- Lloyd grand hero battle

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The Lloyd grand hero battle is back for players to try and unlock him, you are able to try until July 31st. To go alongside this you will be able to do some special grand hero battles quests to earn orbs and a bronze Lloyd. For all those trying to get Lloyd, good luck!

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