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The Greil Mercenaries are coming to Fire Emblem Heroes – the “World of Radiance” content update tomorrow will add Ike, Mist, Soren and Titania to the game. They will be available on a special Summoning Focus with increased appearance rates. In addition to that, new story chapters featuring them will also be added, as well as new quests. Check out the trailer below to get a sneak peek at their abilities:

In a recent interview with ComedynGaming, Kaiji Tang shared some details about his experience being the voice for the Fire Emblem: Awakening character Owain and Fire Emblem: Fates character Odin. Many subjects are touched on in the interview, as the interview covers many of Kaiji Tang’s roles outside of Nintendo properties. We’ve collected the quotes relevant to his role in the Fire Emblem series below. Minor spoilers after the break for Fire Emblem: Fates.

On how Tang got his role in Fire Emblem, and any similarities he sees between him and his character:

“I got the role of Owain like any other actor! A studio was having auditions for the game, I popped in and boom! Some sword hand talk later, some bit about time travel and they deemed me memey enough to become the fervent voice of Owain. I love the guy because we’re both huge, huge nerds who aren’t ashamed to let their geek flag fly. If I had special attacks, I think I’d come up with some pretty edgy names for them too. I absolutely have a blast!”

As was announced yesterday, two previously held Grand Hero Battles, featuring Female Robin and Navarre are available once again in Fire Emblem Heroes. They will be available until May 2nd.

If you already got Robin and Navarre when they first available, you can’t receive them again by beating their Grand Hero Battles a second time. However, you can receive a second copy of each Hero at both of their available rarities by clearing special quests that are available for the duration of this event. Finally, the Helping Hand quests are available once again for the next two weeks. By clearing those, you can get Universal Shards to level up your characters.

The Japanese Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter account has confirmed that Female Robin and Navarre are both returning in the mobile game tomorrow. You should see them at the usual update time via a Grand Hero Battle. Some special quests are expected as well, but the specifics haven’t been shared just yet.


Nintendo uploaded a new Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia trailer under the name “A Master Class in Strategy”. Have a look at it below.

Fire Emblem Echoes amiibo unboxing

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In conjunction with Fire Emblem Echoes’ release on 3DS, Nintendo has also prepared two new amiibo. Take a closer look at the Alm and Celica figures below.

We’ve shared tons of footage from the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but GameSpot put up a new video today with English gameplay. The latest video can be found below.

GameXplain has a new Fire Emblem Echoes up from the English build. We’re able to listen to some of the English voices with a cut-scene shared by the outlet. Have a look at the footage below.

The Zephiel Grand Hero Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes has begun. Players have got until April 24th to beat the level 30 and level 40 version of this fight to unlock the 3-star and 4-star version of Zephiel, respectively. As always, you must not lose any of your units in battle and Light’s Blessing can’t be used.

If you need some extra characters to help you with this, the Battling Zephiel Summoning Focus is now live. The featured 5-star characters are Hana, Nowi, Reinhardt and Frederick. Their anti-armor capabilities will definitely be useful in the battle against Zephiel.

To celebrate Fire Emblem Echoes’ launch in Japan, two new themes are now available. Both are 200 yen each. In the videos below, you can get a closer look at the themes, music and all.

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