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Nintendo Badge Arcade

12 new badge catchers have been added to the European version of Nintendo Badge Arcade today, which allow you to get Super Mario Maker badges.


Update (11/29): Bumped to the top. Added in news about badges for Sunday.

Nintendo Badge Arcade has been receiving regular updates, so I’ve decided to go ahead and round up the new additions in weekly posts. Each post will go up on Monday, and we’ll then update it every day (and bring it to the top of the homepage).

Here are the latest updates for Nintendo Badge Arcade:

November 23

– 4 new sets of Pokémon badges (final day for Pokémon badges)
– 3 new sets of Animal Crossing holiday badges (available for today only)


November 24

Here are all of the badges currently available:

– 5 BoxBoy! panels (2 on the final day)
– 5 Mario Kart panels
– 3 Super Mario Bros. panels (all last day)
– 3 Splatoon panels
– 5 Animal Crossing panels
– 4 Mario panels (mostly of characters)

November 25

Here are all of the badges currently available:

– 5 Animal Crossing panels
– 4 Mario panels (final day)
– 3 Tomodachi Life food panels
– 2 BoxBoy! panels
– 5 Mario Kart panels
– 3 Splatoon panels (final day)


November 26

Here are all of the badges currently available:

– 6 Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D panels
– 5 Animal Crossing panels
– 3 Tomodachi Life panels
– 2 BoxBoy! panels
– 5 Mario Kart panels


November 27

– 6 Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D panels
– 5 Animal Crossing panels (2 days left)
– 3 Tomodachi Life panels (2 days left)
– 2 BoxBoy! panels (2 days left)
– 8 Mario Kart panels (3 new, 5 in final day)
– 1 free play


November 28

– 6 Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D panels (5 in final day)
– 5 Animal Crossing panels (1 day left)
– 3 Tomodachi Life panels (1 day left)
– 2 BoxBoy! panels (1 day left)
– 5 Mario Kart panels (2 in final day)
– 3 8-bit Mario
– 1 free play


November 29

– 5 Yoshi’s Woolly World panels (2 days left)
– 4 Mario Party panels (2 days left)
– 6 Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D panels (5 in final day)
– 7 8-bit Mario (2 days left)
– 3 Mario Kart panels (2 days left)
– 1 free play



Four new catchers containing badges from Mario Kart 8 have been added to the European version of Nintendo Badge Arcade today. If you spend money to get 10 paid plays, you will also receive an exclusive Mario Kart 8 3DS theme.


Let’s Talk #31: Have you tried out Nintendo Badge Arcade?

Nintendo Badge Arcade hit the Japanese 3DS eShop in December 2014. It wasn’t until last week though that the app came out in the west. Now that it’s here, have you given it a shot? Do you believe it was worth the wait?

I admit I’ve been checking in on Nintendo Badge Arcade daily since its release. What’s funny about that is how I’m interested in the collective aspect more than anything else. I’m not really a creative person, and I don’t intend to load up my home menu with badges. There’s something there though that I keep coming back to. I boot up the app, visit the practice catcher, and usually use my free play. It’s easy and quick enough to get the job done! I can’t say I’m inclined to spend any cash on Nintendo Badge Arcade, however.

Now share your thoughts with us in the comments below! What do you think of Nintendo Badge Arcade?

Highlights from last week’s topic: What did you think of this week’s Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo Badge Arcade has been given regular updates. Today, the new additions include Pokemon. Several new panels of badges based on the franchise are now available.


Nintendo Badge Arcade is out now in North America. Take a look at the official launch trailer and some footage below.

Nintendo Badge Arcade was announced for Europe earlier today. In the region, it’s planned for release on Friday.

We weren’t sure if Nintendo Badge Arcade would be launching in North America as well, but it turns out that it’s available to download right now. Yup – you can grab it from the eShop at this very moment.

Here’s the news from Nintendo’s Twitter account:

Nintendo Badge Arcade takes up 582 blocks of space.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.


A bunch of screenshots and art have come in for Nintendo Badge Arcade, which was just announced for Europe. Take a look at the various images below.


Collectible Badge Center is finally making its way outside of Japan. Today, it’s been announced that the application is launching in Europe via the 3DS eShop on Friday. The download will be distributed for free.

Here’s an overview of Nintendo Badge Arcade:

In this lively arcade run by a chatty rabbit, players can take a shot at crane games and similar classic amusements, collecting badges based on Nintendo games and series like Mario Kart, Splatoon and Animal Crossing. Badges can be used to decorate the HOME Menu, with some even usable instead of the standard system icons that access, among others, Nintendo eShop and StreetPass Mii Plaza – perfect for total HOME Menu makeovers.

Every day, visitors to the arcade get five free plays on a practice machine: it only offers dummy badges, but with skill and a little bit of luck, players can win free plays for the machines packed with real badges. Plays can also be bought at a price of £0.90 / €1.00 for five plays (All prices are Nintendo eShop prices, inclusive of applicable VAT).

Players can show off their unique HOME Menu designs via Miiverse, and check out other creators’ designs for inspiration. There’ll be plenty to discover in the weeks and months following launch too, as the badges and machines on offer will change regularly, opening up even more customisation possibilities.

It’s not yet known if/when Nintendo Badge Arcade will be releasing in North America. For now, watch a trailer for the application below.

Source: Nintendo PR

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